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Easier timer tracker


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My suggestion goes as follows. The time to upgrade a creature is very annoying in its present state for the reason of if you are on the last day before you can upgrade you see it as 1 day *thats fine not the part i have issues with*. The part I don't like is that if your creature is 10 minutes from being able to be upgraded it says 1 day BUT it also says one day for if another creature has 23 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds till it can be upgraded. It gets annoying waiting for the creature to hit the requirement when you know the general time but not the exact amount. So you could be forced to check multiple times over and over till you finally get the green light.

The way i would fix this is that instead of only days left make it days and hours *you can have the hours only spring up on the last day if you wish*, or days and quarter of days *so for example 1 day left for creature x and 2 quarters of a day.. or something like that*

My other suggestion is that the story timer be changed from just seconds to hours minutes and seconds. This doesn't really effect the mp3s who just start out since till farther in the story the most they can meditate is 15 minutes at a time but for anyone that alway choices 24 hours *once its available* its semi annoying to have to wonder, ok how many hours and minutes does 20000 seconds left mean. I usually just click open a calculator and check but it probably shouldn't be too hard to change this and make it slightly easier to see.

Those are my suggestions for now. Feel free to comment on them and i hope you like and implent them into the game in the future. Thank you.

PS I am fine with if you want to add this feature to the MDshop.

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Convenience... but everything you mentioned above CAN be solved by you.

1. You can keep track of when you first got the creature, time, date, etc. Then you can predict when it will age (roughly... there are some factors... that change that)

2. You can divide by 60 to see minutes and then again by 60 to see hours... I always have a calculator on hand anyways.


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1. This has been brought up before, said no to for multiple reasons, read old topics
including what Awi said, and why do you need to know the exact time it upgrades? it's not like you miss out on something if you do it a few hours later

2. Probably easy enough to implement. if it was done, it wouldn't be a shop item, very few would bother buying it, especially when you can just use a calculator to work it out.
likely won't get done any time soon

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