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i just got a pm from Demo Account, this i don't mind, it happens every now and then

but they didnt enter a message heading so i can't access the message at all to find out what they wanted from me

so my new idea would be one of the following options

1. to prevent a message being sent without a character (something other than a space) being in the title field

2. to be able to open a message by clicking on any part of the message information
-----i have the nice message features so anywhere within the orange new message box, or for people without it, the name of the sender as well as message title

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---the following spiel is not related to the suggestions---

Oh! That poor lost soul on Demo Account, left unanswered despite a plea for help. It's not like we can do this if someone else sends you a help request without a subject, but for the guest couldn't we just log onto the account and check the question, then send a reply in a new message? Well, it wouldn't be in the inbox itself since it's a message that's sent to you, but since you can't open the message, it would be in the outgoing messages tracker of Demo Account, right? Man, I'm so brilliant...

Now I'm curious, even though we can't help the poor child anymore (since he's likely not to check that inbox now) I want to see the contents of that help request.

*logs onto Demo Account to check*

But it doesn't look like the message that was sent to you is still in the outgoing messages archive. D:! Did you manage to read it? What did it say?


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Glai in responce to you, i already thought of logging onto the Demo to check outgoing, and of course because there was no message title there i couldn't read it there either

and i deleted it from my inbox because there was no way to read it, that may perhaps remove it from the outbox, but i dont know

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in reverse of this once you send a message and it is read it disappears from your outgoing messages. I think it should stay. Duplicate messages are sent because people "forget" they sent a message to begin with. all messages should have a title of some sort. the space bar only message title clearly sounds like a bug and should be treated as one.

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