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unholy priest requirements upgrade


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I think he meant that Unholy priest that needs 65 age to upgrade and the 100 won battles and 30k exp that it needs can be gained to easy in that long time..

So I think he's suggesting on that win and exp requirement should be raised.

But let him reply... :)

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it is to some...
and the age is just to prevent those who get wins and xp easily from creating huge armies within hours...

imagine you need a bird and just go to buy one and have it maxed within two hours of fighting, that wouldn't be fair...
or, even worse, vit farming: imagine you could sacc once they reach the 20 wins, without waiting for age...
you would go to 1m vit within days ;)

EDIT: uhm... that seems a bit beside the point you are making...

would 1200k xp seem an appropriate challenge for 65 days to you? others would go insane over that number, you need to consider that there's not only mp5 with insane stats and RPCs with no waiting times in here...
the others should at least have a chance to get the xp withing the time requirement...

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