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Flag/Tag for dojo


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as I couldn't find a topic for dicussing Panday's new idea, i decide to open it myself

Basic Idea: The dojo is a Chaos the way it is, people start to forget who can be attacked and who can't, or are totally confused by the rules in general (can i or can i not attack idlers? how bout permanent-afks?)
So Panday suggested to give the Players who want it a simple tag to show they can be attacked in dojo, which would of cours ebe a permanent license to attack that person, or a flag that can be turned on and off by the players themselves.

My Opinion:
a tag wouldn't be that bad for those who never minded leting people attack them in the dojo, and a flag would be nice in general, like 'no, please don't attack me now, i have regen trees up for someone' or 'yes, give it a try, my def is beatable'

on the other hand, tags are a bit harder to manage because [as far as i know] only shoeps and mur can change them, which is not a problem as long as someone makes a list like the one calyx already has beforehand, but would easily start to annoy them when people individually come to them and ask for the tag, and then want to get rid of it after a week because they need to train a new set of creatures, and then want it back for easier loss farming in the dojo...

and flags: well, idk how much work a flag would involve, but i'm not even sure if such a thing is needed...
even at willow's people stop attacking you when you ask nicely, so a flag would only have a valid point for idlers, and thos obviously are not there to change their flag [example: no one sets 6 tree-rits and wants to be attacked for loss farming, goes idle and after a while, the rits are unbound and incomings face a combat rit...that would lead the green flag ad absurdum, because no one definitely does NOT want any more incomings, as he is loss farming...]

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