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Leader anouncment in Allaince chat


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Would it be posiable to have a now window under the allaince chat called leader anouncment.

This would help when trying to inform members of any changes
or updates regarding what is going on within the alaince.

I have many time wished to have something like this to announce
some things that i wish to have the Allaince members do or be informed
about. Also in a way to put up basic alaince rules.

What do you think?


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you could have it below the ''Bonus offered by this Aliance'' box, to the right of the member list to save space, or put another tab on the chat box ''chat, invite, actions...announcements?''

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[quote name='Chewett' post='26549' date='Mar 7 2009, 10:13 AM']therefore some of the higher members of the alliance who are doing important things can also post stuff.[/quote]

And with this we come to idea of ranks?
Which would be really good in my opinion... [a bit oftopic]

And I would agree on making something like announcements thing in alliance page.

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