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In the light of the latest happenings in HC, Lightsage and me started making up new possible rules for the Head Contest to prevent things like what happend from happening again.

The main point of the new rules would be that Alliances are switched off during contest. That means:
- NO Homeland stat-boost
- NO Ally stat-boost
- NO transferring heads from one mp to another
- NO more 40 mins waiting, thus making the contest faster

That obviously means that there can't be a HC in times of War... you could explain that with the HC being a way of training in times of peace, or a game to pass times of boredom, that obviously stops when a war is going on. Or as a kind of competition as it is now, "organised" by the alliances (which would also explain the stopping during times of war or tension)

With the Allies being switched off, skills and pacts will get a bigger meaning in HC again, keeping it unfair, but making sure that actions like the ones MRV and Lightsage started, which are obviously considered too unfair, are impossible.

Another point is that people are taking it too serious in our opinions, so we'd suggest giving out equal credit rewards to all 4 winners of each mp, and not giving the 1st double credit reward. This is because the credits make the contest taken to seriously, as if it where for money. We are sure that getting 1st is tougher than getting 4th, but in the last few contests, only Lightsage got a 1st place with 'skills', and personally, I [Burns] don't consider 5 birds to be any extraordinary combat skills -.-
Anyways, he managed without pacts, and that's really rare when taking a look at the last few contests... And there's still the added skill and stat boost for whoever ends first (and gold medal ofcource)

Another point is the timer. It needs to be rearranged, as it's obviously too easy to forecast the ticks with the current system. People keep logging heads off in places where nobody finds them [sometimes on alts, which is forbidden even by current rules] and only come on seconds before the tick and leave again mere seconds after the tick.

Edit: If a player gets caught using a bug, s/he will be kicked from that months contest. No further bargaining, simply out.
Better luck next time.

Veteran link: [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com//index.php?showtopic=3424"]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com//index.php?showtopic=3424[/url]

NOTE: the All-Star Contest is not linked with the 'New HC', but the don't mess with each other^^

More to come, but we'd like your opinions on what we already have :)

Small note at the end I'd (lightsage) like to add: this is for making the contest FUN again, not to make it fair

And this first post will be edited with improved ideas when they come

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by shutting down allies, we mean to say that there should be no advantages/disadvantages from allies in HC of any kind... you are still in you ally, of course, and you have the fancy logo and the ally chat, but all bonuses for combat are gone^^

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Well, I'm not involved in the AL, but you could have a rivalling contest between the greatest warriors all over MD from different alliances and non-allied people because this is a way of showing which is the strongest combative alliance without actually having to go to way, a lot less dying involved. So for the prestige of your alliance, or your own. But I don't know how implementing that sort of thing into the game works...

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Sorry for repeating myself...

Well mrv and lightsage cheated in a way and so maybe if they wouldn't cheated others would be 1st and results would maybe be different?

Also as far as I know rewards are also not same anymore....

And HC IS UNFAIR as it is/was always said and changing anything would ruin it in a way... If there will be changes Mur will decide on em on his own and there will be a lot of complains and some supports as usual...

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Ofcource mur decides, this is a suggestion after all and this is not just about last heads, last couple of heads have been logging in on counts logging off again, ally members having huge advantages (it's more the MP lvl heads transactions but still) and HC has been taken WAY to serious, mainly because of the creditreward.

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@ raven: to answer your question: the "cheating" was just use of well known mechanics (jumping in and out of ally on my part), was not forbidden by any rules and wouldn't have changed the outcome in any way, at least not for mp3. why? well, i'll post my final stats in the extreme md thread, also mp3 ranks 1-4 were a team and we agreed that i go first :)

@ idea: i like it. simply clearing what is and what is not allowed will help the contest run a lot more smoothly. also, disabling the alliance boni and therefor option to bring heads to other mp levels will take away a strategic element, but apparently one that is considered "TOO unfair" for this unfair contest. it would make sure things will go a lot less depending on inter mp level teams. if thats what people want, this suggestions are a way to achieve it.

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I think removing alliance features during heads would be fine. At mp3 these stats would matter, but at mp4 and mp5 i dont believe it would be as big a deal. Now not being able to teleport to leader and not being able to pass heads off sounds like a push in the right direction towards keeping the contest a little more fair. Those 2 things right there help competitors every heads in one way or another. The teleporter must've been utilized this heads as well, i noticed locations that i believe you cannot access normally via the teleporter. Im all for making the contest less political and more fair for everyone. You all seem to forget there have been changes in almost every head contest that i have been a part of. Mur changes things all the time. Things need to be changed though, thats for sure. So weird that because of actions during this heads that others may compete again. What did you two do hehe?

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I would not like to switch off alliances in HC...

Ever during Heads, Alliances need to get to their leader, and be able to talk in alliance chat, etc...
if you swith off alliances dureing heads, the time HC will be on would only be for HC
which would ruin RolePlaying, and would 'punish' people that don't want ot participate, or already won...


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You'd still have the logo and the chat, not the jumping through because it happens to much that leaders enter unaccesable area's which gives the participant a free count or 2 in stage 1 till he/she get's trown to the gazebo. And even if no story unlocked area's are gone to, having your leader in lore would drain the ap of your pursuers, imagen someone leaving loreroot for MDA and then jumping back to the totem. Whoever was following will need to make a full round back to maple's again, and enter loreroot costing loads of ap, while the runner will still have most ap, the action having only cost a couple of ap. You could have jump to leader costing all your ap through, if that's a better alternative...

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