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Festival Diary of a Stalker


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This has to be taken with [u]humor[/u]. And it's not the full part, only parts for each day.

Day 1
Some frustration in finding him at first, but once I stepped onto my homelands I knew he had to be there. The small animals, the plants, even the sky told me. I looked around for a bit, but finally found him promoting my Commander.


Task done.

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Day 2

Woke up and found out it was not 1 promotion per day. Will have to keep an eye out on that, nevertheless I shall try to find him once per day.

Now where might he be, and when will he appear?


Found him almost ages later. Was it him who found me or otherwise? Hmm.

Anyways, task done.

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Day 3

Woke up and directly had the chance to find him. Used it of course, he was very close to me....since he did not reply I had to do something else to have a proof.


Task done. He was not moving btw.

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