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Healing Rituals


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How exactly doing healing rituals work? They're just supposed to heal your creatures, but don't you need the creatures you want to heal in the ritual. Like, instead of just having 2 Barren Souls, having 2 Barren Souls and a Grasan

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obviously you would want to put the creatures you want to be healed in a healing rit, but tell your partner if you want to use damaging creatures...
most partners won't heal with you if you use damagers, but some can handle them, so always tell them what you are planning to use (except for healers) ;-)

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aye i agree. Sometimes if you find the right higher ups at the right time they can cast a Heal spell on you. That is a good way to recover a little faster and increases interaction with players. Like liberty said this game is meant to take LONG time and when your creatures are all down try doing alot of exploring and talking with people you might not normally interact with at the dojos or willows.

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So, spoiler coming up:

How to regenerate your creatures fast:
- use high combo rituals against a known ritual
- use free credits (yes, at low stats, you have to use the free credits to get some VE, for high lvls it is useless)
- grow your regeneration stats so that creatures can regenerate by themselves even if they lose the battle (600 regeneration / 6 creatures in battle = 100% restored no matter if battle was won or lost)
- join an alliance and walk on friendly land (be careful to store heat before wandering as it will drop fast)

... that is all i could get in 5 minutes, but it should still be a few more ways.

Yea, all methods have a weak point but what can I say, [spoiler]you can always wait 10 minutes to get more AP and 500 VE[/spoiler].

that is about all for now

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