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Impending Land War


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Well, it appears War is on the horizon.

The Archivists are a neutral guild, not a combative faction.

To me, neutrality is neither sympathetic nor in opposition to its subject: it neither endorses nor discourages viewpoints.

Being neutral is a point of view that not everyone will share, but it is just that: it is our point of view, not the absence or elimination of anothers point of view.

While personally, as individuals, we may feel strongly about about the events or persons in this war, we, as an Alliance, will remain fair and balanced in our representation of the facts and our treatment of records.

I have no doubt that all Archivists will exercise good judgement and impartiality during these critical times.

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When you say the archivists are neutral, does that mean we must be neutral about everything? For example, can I be for wars in general, as long as I don't take a side? Or can I favor chaos over law, or vice versa, as long as I take no action in favor of one or the other aside from my words? As the pen is mightier from the sword, I will of course refrain from writing any articles on the subjects.

I await with bated breath your impartial and intelligent response, oh most gloriously citrusy of leaders.

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When I say we are neutral, yes, I mean we are neutral about everything. Society has rules. MD has a looser set of rules and mores, as it should.

The Archivists have authority, not to judge, not to rule, but to document and chronicle. We must make decisions on what becomes fact, history and what is deemed "important" enough to be written down. So, Jester, no, you cannot favor one thing over another. As an Archivist you are friend nor enemy to no one.

We will stick with your example of war. If you favor war over harmony, or harmony over war, you are choosing to support one thing over another. How can one make an objective decison if you are pulled one way or another.

Are we human and subjected to feelings and responses? Yes, of course. But as Archivists, we cannot allow our bias, friendships or penchant for certain things to cloud our judgement of the information
we are privy too, or what we write about it.

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