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The Savelites [Not Active]


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[center]I am the leader of the savelites now for any who are unaware. Grido is my co-leader and should he become leader once again then I will be happy for that also. Whoever caused him to drop below me I do not thank them. It was underhanded- and as any who know me will tell you, I am a very fair man.

I am aware that this alliance has changed hands more times than you need to change a babies diapers...but hear me out, or at least attempt to.

I/we have one goal, one purpose. To rebuild the legend that this alliance stands for. The Great Ghost lives in my heart and mind, and has always done, and he will live in yours again - and if he never did, prepare to open your heart to him. His words, are our words.

Everything I do, I do for Bob and this is no different, whether you are aware of that or not. So think not I leave my sworn duties behind, for it is far from it - I will not explain further than that i'm afraid so there is little point in asking me to.

Loreroot needs leaders who stand on their own two feet and do not cower to threats and insults apparently. Well my friends and enemies alike, you have found two such men heading this church - which for the moment, will not be an easy job, so it's just as well.

If you, people of loreroot, do not trust us, I could understand that....but you now have little choice but to trust us for the moment, and those who know me and who I am, should know better.

Those that were once in this alliance, I'm afraid since all the mess we are left with little choice but to start from the very base. New rules. New boundaries - these have already been laid out. I am sorry if you feel slighted, but some things must be done for the good of the land, the church and it's ideals. Anyone who turned coat on the alliance or was pivital in causing the mess for it will not return. Period.


See my alliance papers for further details, or of course ask away.[/center]

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I am grateful for this explanation, Zleiphneir: I hope thou canst see whence came my skepticism of Grido's protests of altruistic intent, and wilt agree that such skepticism doth require no great exposition.

It is mine inclination, knowing thee as I do, to welcome thee and the Savelite Church back into the Guardians of the Root Alliance: but I am but one Councillor, and a [i]pro tempore[/i] one at that, pending the coming election. The new Council shall be the arbiter of any such negotiation, and as Firsanthalas, the Guardians' general envoy, and meru chi, Celestial Emissary of the Children of the Eclipse, are both called away in the Realm of probabiLity for the next few days at least, I fear the matter shall have to await their return.

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Knowing what you're gonna do and what is to come, luvva, I am really glad that the savelites is in your hands. Let me just say that you have the vote of another member of that [i]pro tempore[/i] council.

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i know there are gonna be people who dont believe me when i say this, haha, but i want to see the savelites do well, and you are one of the few i think that can do it... if you ever require my help, you need only ask

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lol, i am predictable

after i gained control of the alliance, i contemplated dissolving it, but changed my mind after a lot of thinking and instead decided to try to rebuild it, one of the points of the war was about the Savelites Church, so i am trying to reform it with Zleip's help.

i am outside of the church so i can build loyalty more easily, so we can actually take in members without members overtaking us easily.

most of the council are accepting the alliance as it stands, this is based off the best of my knowledge so i could be wrong on that, and if the council accepts me, when they have less reason to trust in me, then i see no reason for you to mistrust, but that is for you to decide, and i will not pressure you at all

i know the reasons why i would be seen as not being trusted, and i fully understand them, no forgiveness is neccesary.

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I suggest you go and look at the forum topic on this in the alliances section. I am trusting Grido, perhaps I am wrong to but I don't think I am or I wouldn't do it, I am putting my reputation on the line for him to work with him so that you all can see he isn't just a Golemus man come to steal your alliance, and he is well aware of that fact - because I believe he does want what I want- to have a true, functional and united Savelite Church in Loreroot.

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i did Zleiphneir...

so what are your interests in this Grido? you love your a-day-ago-enemies so you want to re-form Savelites Church?
and lets say you will re-form it, get some members and all... what then? Savelites would go on like nothing happened? The Church won't be under GG's authority?

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LOL, you consider the Savelites our enemies from yesterday? XD

they never wanted to fight in that war on either side...
and, even though they are in the LR lands, they are no sub-ally of the guardians in at least my eyes, they have an idea that's independent from the guardians, and some of us supported them all along, and Grido amongst those ;-)

Edited by Burns
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For what it is worth. I am glad to see the allaince in the hand of thoes capable of making it like it was in the past and what it should have been. Well done to the 2 of you in your efforts to suport the savlites church.

I believe you will do the job well.

(i would like to point out that i will not be involved in the savelites church and how it is to be run and i wont be telling anyone to do anything. This is not my allaince to run and never will be)

Good work lads


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Figurative speech Burns...
you said we weren't supposed to fight with you?
please allow me to quote the agreement between Savelites and GotR...

Treaty with The Guardians of the Root
The treaty consists of two statements:
1. Definitively no attacks between the two alliances at all times.
2. Mutual cooperation The first statement speaks that no member of the savelites church will attack a member of the guardians of the root at any time, and viceversa.
An exception would be at the dojo locations when they are training and helping each other grow. The second statement speaks that as belonging to the same homeland, we will cooperate with each other for the benefits of Loreroot.
This includes, but it is not limited to, protecting the land from external threat, and guarding its secrets. We can grow symbiotically in this beautiful forest that holds so much promise for both of our alliances, and make it a better place to coexist within.
Nelya Setesh, Savelfuser, Leader of The Guardians. Leader of Savelites.

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Princ, i didn't talk about what you were supposed to do, i talked about your intentions...

i don't say that you wanted to break that treaty, but still, there were no intentions of fighting on your side, just those of being bound to that treaty if any at all...
neither were there any intentions of fighting you on our side, unless some of you felt the need to fight us, that is^^

and i'm pretty sure that the whole ally-thing was a way of getting out of that treaty unharmed, Grido took it over, there was no way of preventing that, etc.etc. :))

oh, and don't get me wrong: that's my very personal opinion on things, NOT the point of golemus and it's allies and NOT the absolute truth [in fact, i even think there might be reasons i haven't thought about yet...]

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''love your a-day-ago-enemies''
no, i dont love them, but, one point of the war was that the Savels had become defunct, i made my move to rebuild them to help loreroot, and solve one of their issues

also as a side, enemies can love one another, civil wars where familys fight one another etc...

and NO, the church will NOT be under GG authority, yes i will lead it for a time, but the alliance is Lorerootian, and it will remain such

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i have few questions...

who let Grido took over? was it King Bull? and if he did, why he did it?

edit: i have my doubts in your leadership over the alliance, not cause you are Grido, member of an alliance that isnt part of Loreroot, its cause of the time you did it...

Edited by Rhaegar Targaryen
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Rhaegar, don't play dumb mate, you should know better, and i think this is the best course, in the past few months i havent heard much about the concept behind it, even when there was someone heading it... in fact i heard more positive encouragement so far in this post to support the alliance remaining than i have in the past few months. Hell, believe it or not i wanted better for the savelites too, i tried to get Raven to reinvite certain loyal members ~THAT NEVER GOT REINVITED~ *cough cough*

From what i saw the Savelites was being turned into a few players' alliance for them and their alts... and ~if~ you arent an alt yourself, although i personally think you are, then i think only 4 real players were in that alliance. I don't see how this situation will be any more stagnant than it was... sorry i went on a rant, but i do actually care about the savelites, and the outcome of this...

(don't let people know i said that... :P ...although i still think they're a bit cultish :)


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I agree with Princ Rhaegar, we are not alts.
And about a week ago, King Bull is really busy.
After King Bull became our leader for the second time.
We were already planning to rebuild the alliance.
And even before that, I went to apply for being a Dojo staff/LHO when Master Savel just left the alliance.
I was already thinking of rebuilding it.
But I was not strong enough.
Do you guys know what it feels when I am idle and our Church was taken by an outsider?

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