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Ok, so I have recently entered MP5. I entered with 5k honour (the max). Ten minutes later after unleashing a tidal wave of attacks on my fellow MP5s I get the message that I have reached the XP max for my level. Well, I researched it a bit and I found I had -649 honour. I had a perfectly balanced profile and I asked around for a bit for a solution. Apparently the best way to regain my honour is to attack other alliance members, or accumilate a tonne of losses. If I fight any non alliance member I get -600 honour, but when I attack alliance members I gain one or two additional honour. What is the determining factor here for honour? -600 honour is a bit extreme.

Is there a way that I might be able to reset my honour to 0?

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Yes there is. Attack players who give you positive honor :). [spoiler]Or....find a honor farm [/spoiler]:P
But this is only a temporary solution.

A permanent solution is getting loses (as you have been told).

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