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[Necrovion]Kalamanira Kol's Journal

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[size=5][center]Unfeeling Recollection[/center][/size]

"Darkness, an endless river of shadow- there is no pain here, no confusion in my sleep.. and yet I am stirred awake by outside reason. I move from the darkness of my dreams, my eyes opening to the full moon shining brightly above me- a sky filled with a tapestry of stars and yet it's beauty is astounding......I am lacking. Something is missing. I seek sight of the area around me, and my eyes find a clone of my bodily form, sitting crosslegged with tears in her eyes.... Sadness radiates from her, an ache of pain that I can feel deep within my own chest. This is my own feeling, and yet hers as well... I feel nothing. I am lacking... my emotion is as numb as the rest of my body. Am I of anger? Pain? Confusion? I cannot tell... I seek the shadows again, I seek the comforting river of sleep and soon I am lost to the tapestry of stars against the sky.....and I dream."

[size=5][center]Nightmare of Kalamanira Kol[/center][/size]

The trunk of her willow tree was a deep polished brown, a chocolate color mixed with caramel from its many years of resting, swaying, remaining dormant in the wind’s force. She stared at it, sadness taking her heart as she realized there would be nothing she could do to separate herself from its binding. Her fingers glided over its many curves and grooves, the texture smoothed by weather and slightly rough around its curves from the dirt that had nestled in between its caramelized bark.

The wind blew through her hair, and smelled of oncoming rain… her eyes found the sky- swirling clouds of black and grey moving as a beast through the tall grass of a rainforest, growling at the ground- releasing a roar to the sky as if to say “Mine.”

Kalamanira’s heart stopped there. Something was wrong; this was not her mind... The clouds grew closer and her breath was lost….suddenly her eyes glazed over and she screamed the roar of a cat in the night, hunting it’s pray. Her hands clawed her throat as he muscles moved like snakes underneath her pale, pale skin. Suddenly in an explosion of skin and wetness she withdrew herself from the gore and emerged a panther, strong, proud and yet still bound to its willow.

It was as if she were suddenly looking at a mirror, seeing herself in panther form, pawing the ground in confusion. She stared hard at the form of her panther, remembering how it had felt, how painful it had been the first time she shifted into its form. There was no one of her race to guide her animal through her skin, no one to show her a gentle change. Her mind lingered on the feeling of pain, that choking burning in her panther form’s muscles, the bleeding of her paws and the feel of the cold ground beating against those aching pads she suddenly wore.

The clouds eased closer.

They swarmed in a sudden burst like a tidal wave crashing over an island. Suddenly the trunk of her willow was crimson, blood cascaded down it’s caramelized trunk, staining it a deep red-orange. From the mirror, she watched herself in her panther form become swept away, watched herself writhe underneath her bleeding tree. Swirling around her, the clouds became claws and ripped at her black fur, scraping away the animal in her, clawing deep into that form to pull out her more elven one. Screaming against the mirror she pounded, crying out for someone- for anything to save her from this dream. Anything, and anyone.

It was then that the demon emerged from the clouds, a laughter echoed through the blood- waves moving against her panther’s face. Her body reacted to the echoing laugh, her heart on the other side of the mirror pounding fast and hard against her chest. “No..” She whispered in her sleep, then suddenly, she took the sides of her head in her hands, digging nails into her aquamarine scalp as the demon began to move in against her elven form.

She screamed in her sleep and woke with a start, gripping the base of The Accursed Growth as if it were her anchor to the world. Tears filled her eyes and she cried… cried her own blood from her eyes. This did not startle her….no. New power was bound to come eventually.

[size=5][center]After the Storm[/center][/size]

"The huntress.. I was called. My name was spoken on the lips of every being within my lands. Yet this name... an echo of my past, lost so long ago.

I remember only this name, only this small title.. it's power has dimmed.

In this realm of uncertainty, this time I have been thrown into... I search for warmth without limit in this place. I am freedom, I move without white waters to weaken my strength."

[size=5][center]The Binding of Death[/center][/size]

The Accursed Growth screamed out Kala's name in a high pitched roar. It demanded her to come, caused her body to move the long distance between Fenth's Press and the Gates of Necrovion with burning limbs. She was met with pain, with agony as Master Saeiane conducted his violent ritual. He slices her throat against the tree, blood spilling to it's roots. "You are mine."
It's screeching whisper rang through her ears as her senses numbed and she collapsed at it's base- it's dark power closed the deeper parts of her wounds, knitting them lightly but leaving them open still. Deep in woods of Loreroot, in the Defensive Quarter's Amoran's chest begins to feel heavy, and she collapses for a short time until she is able to find the strength to stand and run to The Maple Road. She arrives just in time to see Master Saeiane with Kalamanira resting against his back. She is stunned, dazed and shocked. Despite Innocence's protest to such a binding, the being continued to follow close by- monitoring Master Saeiane and Kalamanira Kol's actions. Amoran and Innocence both flee to the Oak Fort, and there Amoran is able to heal Kalamanira Kol's remaining wounds. Her tree moves with her and aids in Kala's healing. Innocence continues to protest the use of binding, but to no avail. Kalamanira Kol is taken a short time after back to The Accursed Growth, to rest at its base.

[size=5][center]Aftermath of the AL - "What is lost, What is found.."[/center][/size]

Amoran wakes at the fort, her eyes filled with tears. An emptiness settles into the pit of her stomach and she begins to sob, searching for the comfort of her home lands- only to find that she cannot remember. Her hands shake and she wails, gripping The Oak Fort, crying against it's bark. The tree moves to comfort her, wrapping it's roots around her as if to give her a gentle hug.
The Fort speaks to her and she nods, moving away from it's gentle embrace...

She finds herself at the Tree, once named Bob- surrounded by comforting friends. Their help is meaningful, yet somehow seems to still leave her empty. 'I feel useless..' She thinks as she stares up at the sky. Kalamanira Kol comes to Amoran, and they both proceed to The Accursed Growth- each saddened by their loss of memory.

Amoran: *moves to the growth and kneels at it's base, reaching to touch it's roots*....
Kalamanira Kol: *stares at her other as the roots shift under Amoran's hands*
Amoran: *the roots wrap around her fingers, smaller shadowy vines sprouting to wrap themselves around her wrist*
Amoran: It has the same reaction to me as the oak fort...
Kalamanira Kol: *nods* as it should...
Kalamanira Kol: Though our personalities differ... our connection is still strong..
Kalamanira Kol: *kneels down to touch the ground around The Growth, more dark vines sprout and slink over to Kala's touch*
Kalamanira Kol: Perhaps..if we spend more time in the same location.. our memories will not fade..
Amoran: *glances up from Kala's hand and then up to the sky* Perhaps....and I hope that is the case.
[size=5]Creation of Dreams[/size][/center]

"Angry, so very angry. I ran throughout the realm, a smile hidden from public view. I glared at those who passed by- growled at those I care for. I felt empty, a shell with no purpose other than to wander a desolate purgatory. Oh how I longed to be free, truly free and yet it seemed I could not remember how. I was..disgusted with myself, above all others- only myself."

Dreams began to haunt Amoran once her memories faded. Her Other's anger flared, and Kalamanira Kol rampaged throughout the realm- causing her own bit of trouble wherever she went.
It was chaos in the minds of the split being, only in dream did they feel themselves.
Amoran began to dream of her past and each time she slept at the Oak Fort, she woke with an item near her resting in the grass.
First appeared a dagger on a thick cord, then appeared another blade. Each blade seemed to have certain abilities- limitations to what each blade could cut. Amoran's appeared to only cut others, it did no harm to her skin as it dangled from her neck. Kalamanira Kol's appeared to only harm herself and thus she stored it in the trunk of the Growth- refusing to carry it around.

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Disclaimer: This is the personal character History/ Story, has nothing to do with the trees from MD (Bob or Oak or Accused) the history of MD has nothing to do with this story.

Moved to Necrovion.

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(Thank you for clearing that up Akasha, but unfortunately the Oak Fort and the Accursed Growth are mentioned in this passage, and thus are a major part of my role. And if you have not checked the adventure log before- Amoran's role is mentioned there, as is Kalamanira Kol's. Thank you again though for being careful.)

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