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Justice for Lord Corg!!!

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for those who do not know myself and Clock Master got LHO status :)
anyway, i'm here to make a plea for Lord Corg to be one aswell, cause he was in GG for training longer then us 2 and he is really helpful, i guess his problem was that he was unable to stay long online cause of his children (kids can make some problems ;)) and i would like to ask, can he get some quick testing at least if you people havent noticed him...?
anyway i'd like to post this screenshot ;):)
thx anyway at least for hearing me out...


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I was wondering where Clock Master went. ;)

Also, Clock I have been in LHO training for several months as well. It is simply a waiting game. I am frequently at the Paper Cabin, and GoE as well (Where the MP2s now spawn) helping players, but I am still waiting. >.<

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Well Fenrir, I happen not to have seen you helping anyone at the GoE during all the time I spent there before HC (And that was a lot) I have on the other hand seen (and heard about) CM and Rheagar (during my last couple of days on GG). And I take it they know if Corg has been helping or not.

Besides, if helping at the GoE counts I doubt all of the LHO's needed to be demoted.

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if you are deemed to be good enough to be lho, then it will happen in time, be PATIENT

Currently I am the person who rates people helping on Golemus, it is for myself to approve players, however long that takes, if a player doesnt want to help there anymore, then tell me and i'll remove them.

I do see you helping, so stop chatting about it.


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