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The Crimson Pirates


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Dear All Pirates

First of all thnak you Cap. Cryxus for letting me join your hearty band of Pirates on the good ship Crimson.

But it has been a while and like you said before I would get a pirate badge but have yet to recieve it. Not your fault of course.

Secondly when will the Crimson set sail again and why do we not have a formal alliance?

Lets get this rolling again.

Your faithful Pirate


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[center]First of all thank you Macnia :)

As far as the badge goes, it is slow to get those out, i only get 1 badge to give out per spell recharge, but i will get you yours in time, i promise. ;)

Concerning the Crimson Blade sailing, I do hope it sails sooner rather than later. Good news is for the next couple weeks i will have more time to plan and work on things. (the past couple days/weeks have been largely eaten away by schoolwork, tonight included)

As for the alliance, the spirit is there, the only thing we're missing is a logo next to our name. Although should i get the chance to have a formal alliance, i would take the oppurtunity in a second.

We are in full swing currently, but are directing more focus into looking into lessons that would be useful in a faction environment, both for in realm knowledge and out of realm knowledge.

(p.s. If you would be interested in helping with this by the way Macnia come find me in game)

~Captain Cryxus X'hal~

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