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Help for new MP4


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when i turned to MP4, i had A LOT of wins and few losses so i was fine with losing continuously
but now that my fight ratio is near to equalizing, i'm finding it hard to win any of my battles
it would've been fine if after every fight some of my creatures survive
then they would still gain xp
but each time all my crits are killed so i cannot even level up any of them
to make matters worse, each time i go to a crowded place
i am immediately jumped upon and preyed on by stronger MP4s so i never have any breathing room
to look for weaker players and defeat them since i would again spend time healing my crits
all i've been doing this past week is hiding out in sanctuaries and healing!
each time i go out i get obliterated
with the way this is going on, i do not see any way of upgrading my crits any longer
which is bad as i am also stuck with having to defeat the 2nd shop guardian
i did fine at MP3, but the 2nd shop guardian at MP4 is way stronger
and i cannot defeat it as there are always MP4s stronger than me always camping out at Willow's Shop
a lot of my crits would be dead before i can even attack the damn guardian

any way for me to upgrade my creatures and win some battles without getting murdered?
the jump from MP3 to MP4 was so sudden i feel no one could've been prepared for the power gap they will encounter
i cannot even find an MP4 weaker than me
sure, sure, the correct rituals will beat stronger players
but how can i even go on experimenting and learning with them if i always end up with dead crits before i can even start learning?

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i have that
but you know that once that crit dies
the next def will be auto-assign

i have no trouble keeping my rituals now
before they always get broken
i never knew before combos were impt in rituals
so i just let them get broken
but once i learned its importance
i went crazy on def rits

that still doesn't solve the problem that my crits still die
and that they still do not gain xp because they cannot survive fights

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I have an mp4 which just smashed you minutes ago. I let him iddle and with the def on random more than 50 days. The ballance stabilized at 130 more loses.

Be patient, your time will come. Sometimes I feel that attitude (&caracter) matters in MD;
[b]which is awesome[/b]

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[quote name='dst' post='30830' date='May 12 2009, 02:40 AM']Combos do not affect the rituals in def. So if you have high combos on the def rits they are useless.[/quote]
i know that
i wasn't talking about combos in def
just stating that before i didn't know combos had any purpose in rituals
and then i discovered exactly what it does
(need i say it here?)
back to my problem, setting up dummy def saves my impt rituals
but kills the crit set up for it, right?
so i have every single crit in my collection set up for dummy defs
they all get killed, no one gets xp
i try to win fights on my own
all crits get killed, again, no xp

my problem isn't abt ritual
it's abt gaining xp
i'm all fine with losing
so long as my crits gain xp

@GgSeverin, thanks
i feel that this week has taught me more here in MD
than my 1st 30 days here
i spent my 1st 30 days mindlessly fighting and then getting accidentally bumped up to MP4 even when i was avoiding it
since i kept getting smashed out there, i started doing quests and exploring more
heh, looking back, i think i may have been to GG by accident already (not sure)
if it was that portal - then yes i saw it glowing and entered
it brought me nowhere (i think)
anyway, whether i got in or not - i will not secondguess myself

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well, i know it will be hard if you're ambushed constantly, but your objective for now is to acquire Remains, and level it up to high level until it has good regen aura (if it doesnt have it on the start, i think not, i dont remember) , and you can make 20 rituals in defence with the tree, you wont get your creatures dead... your try will always be at 1,4k VE (at max) when it dies

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For the [b]tree[/b] Rhaegar Targaryen mentioned you will enter Loreroot. And you enter there thinking not clicking.
I am sorry if wrong, I relate to my experience...

Tomorrow there will be three players fresh MP4. In a month you will start to revenge. He he!
There are some dojo's where you can train safe; Are a you a sociopat like me? If not, go there!

And ah! the most important ask! Ask for anything (wins, experience, honor etc.)

first of all
and secondly

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I encountered the very same problem when I first graduated to MP4. It was extremely frustrating and I felt like I would never get ahead with all of the pounding my creatures took. But eventually I found a way to start getting the wins I desperately needed.

Assuming you have no credits, I will give advice based off the allowable maximums.

You have 16 creatures -- you only need 6 in a good ritual to get wins. So choose your best 6 that you want to get wins with. Some may be maxed out, and I think in the beginning they should be. What you want to do is make a 'killer' ritual, one that does a lot of damage. Don't worry about lifesteal for now, that is a more subtle tactic that you can employ once you become stronger. So select 6 creatures you think have a chance at beating the MP4's you'll be choosing to fight, and set the rest up in defence.

You say you get killed the moment you walk out. Fine. But 6 creatures in your killer ritual leaves 10 on defence. Now, there's no way you can't scope out a room for easy targets and get attacked 11 times. So this is what you do:

Walk in, click on all the MP4s, look at their vitality and creature vitality. Leave the people who have high vitality in either crit or player fields, and attack the people with low (0 is preferred) player vit and low creature vitality. This means your killer (2x max grasan on def, 2+ archers, whatever else) ritual will easily pick them off. After your combat is done, RUN out of the room. Go to a safe spot (not necessarily a sanctuary, just a room with little traffic) and check your creatures. Check your combat log. See if you're good to do it again.

This is the ninja hit and run tactic. And it's about the only thing that will let you grow in strength while you're making the very tough transition from MP3 to MP4.

Hope this helps... and good luck!

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it can help establishing a personal presence, as in Rping, and getting to know people, with friends, you can get help to get stronger.

The other way, is asking for help, there are plenty of nice people that are willing to help. Including me. heh.

Enjoy MP4.

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thanks for all the tips
hit and run ninja tactic seems to be working for me
but i had to discover how to make dummy def rits correctly
(i didn't know how before, well, i thought i knew but i was stupidly setting 100% VE everytime)

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