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Lorerootian High Council

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[b]Appointed by elected council:[/b]

Council President - Karak
High Mystic - .Amoran.
General of War - None appointed currently.

[b]Elected by those in the Loreroot alliance:[/b]

Speaker of Root - Firsanthalas
Sheriff of Root - *IBRUZU*
Warden of Root - .Tarquinus.
Speaker of the Law - None currently, Lorerootian elections are open.

[b]Explained positions:[/b]

* Captain-General. The military leader. In charge of training and defense.

* High Mystic. The spiritual leader. Coordinates worship services and speaks for Root.

* President of the High Council. The leader of Loreroot. In charge of running the HC meetings.

* Sheriff. Security. Organizes spies and keeps an eye on strangers in Loreroot.

* Speaker for the Root. Head Diplomat.

* Speaker of the Law. Head Judge. In charge of running trials, etc.

* Warden of the Root. Internal affairs. Organizes worship services, battle circles, parties, etc.

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Dear Amoran

It has been a while since we last meet at the foot of the Oak Fort.

Any titles for lower levels?. I do wish to be part of the great Alliance of Loreroot. I was born in the counrty you see and I have many a talent that my young hands can do. Fishing as you know is a skill easy to me but I have a good hand at the bow, and Im am pretty skilled with my trusted pocket knife as well (flips pocket knife and catches it in his mouth)

well a young fella I may be but I would love to join



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Three other offices exist as support to the High Council structure: Tribunes, Censors, and Seconds.
[*] [b]Forest Tribune[/b] - Tribunes monitor the High Council and make sure it represents the interests of the people it serves. Consensus - unanimous agreement - among Tribunes can force a re-election of the High Council. Each alliance in Loreroot is allowed one Tribune. Tribunes can attend High Council meetings, but may not speak in the meetings. Tribunes are selected according to the custom of their alliance; for example, the Tribune of the Children of the Eclipse was named by the Sibyl. Tribunes cannot hold office on the High Council while they are Tribunes.
[*] [b]Censor[/b] - Censors are volunteers who attempt to determine and catalogue the members of the electorate of Loreroot. This position has little power and no real reward, except that those who serve in this regard are marked and remembered by the Council for their efforts, and stand to gain prestige for later elections.
[*] [b]Second[/b] - Seconds are designated assistants who act in the stead of Councillors who may be absent for whatever reason. This is an [i]ad hoc[/i] office that is appointed by individual Councillors, and all decisions made by seconds during emergencies are subject to later review by the Council.

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