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Root of the Matter Inn


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Welcome to the Root of the Matter Inn

Within the Defensive Tower Interior is a role played Inn. Sagewoman is the Inn's Hostess. Originally it had been Wind and Rain Pub role played by WindSpirit aka Windy before it was moved to Winds Sanctuary. The High Council of Loreroot of the time took stewardship of Interior and created the Inn. The proprietors are Calyx of Isis, Firsanthala, and Sagewoman.

If you click on Sagewoman's papers, Calyx of Isis or any other listed staff members you will see a description of the Inn. There is food described, a list of drinks, as well as "rooms" to rest (Idle) in. The Inn has a limited number of rooms left. The Inn is frequented by all players from different Alliances, Guilds, and Mind Powers and all are welcomed.

Breakfast is served between 6 am - 8:30 am Central time. Sagewoman has created EverHot Pots and EverHot Mugs for the Inns use. The one thing Sagewoman hates is tepid coffee.

~This Historical Document is under construction~ Edited by SageWoman
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