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Loreroot: An Account of Recent History

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Loreroot: An Account of Recent History

This is an account of events from the eyes and ears of one Firsanthalas.

A long time ago I came to this realm. Feeling lost and homesick, I took refuge in the green forest of Loreroot. I met and was enchanted by a beautiful Nymph. After a longtime I was summoned to the capitol of the forest, Ravenhold. On that day I was told that I had been deemed worthy enough to enter the Guardians of the Root alliance. I swore to serve Nelya and protect Loreroot. I was appointed as envoy to Golemus and tasked with securing a treaty with said land. After extensive negotiations, Nelya and Yrthilian signed a treaty. After this I was asked to assume the role of Envoy for Loreroot. And so I set about making contact with other groups in the realm and improving relations.

During this time the Children of the Eclipse and the Savelites sought refuge and homelands within the forest. Nelya agreed to their requests and welcomed them in. To improve rulership of the forest and to recognise the new arrivals she created a council. This High Council consisted of representatives from each group; Nelya, Blacthorn, Raven, Eden, Grayhawk and Udgard from the Guardians of the Root; Tarquinus, from the COE; Savelfuser from the Savelites and Calyx, whom Nelya had also invited into Loreroot.

At first Loreroot prospered and grew. But, like a thief, darkness crept slowly into the land. Glaistig, the Spymaster, was revealed to be himself a spy for Necrovion. To make matters worse, Nelya began to become more distant and was seen less often within the forest. This was further compounded by the similar absence of Blackthorn.

In Nelya’s absence a member of the Guardians rose to the top of the alliance. There was much arguing during this period. Some felt that leadership was not for Nelya by privilege, while others did. At this time the High Council’s position and function was questioned by some. Tensions ran high and arguments abounded. Stormrunner left the alliance in anger.

Shadows grew long and the forest darkened. Nelya’s absence was felt by all it seemed and Loreroot began to flounder. Any sighting of Nelya was greeted with cries of joy, but alas they were few and fleeting. Brother and sister questioned each other’s loyalties and motives. Kingbull left the alliance. With the absence of Nelya, Eden, Grayhawk and to some extent Blackthorn, the council was rearranged, with one Firsanthalas, being appointed to assist in matters. Shortly after this, Sagewoman was also brought into the fold of the High Council.

Finally Blackthorn was seen in the lands again. He announced that Raven was to take over in Nelya’s place. A time of rebuiling was begun, but not before others, like Ailith also left Loreroot.

During this time a second treaty was negotiated with Golemus. Raven and Yrthilian signed the treaty, while Firsanthalas bore witness to the events. Peace returned to Loreroot and the future seemed to look bright. But, the shadows had never left it seems and darkness soon followed. Mistrust still abounded and gradually it began to eat away like a cancer. Then events that will remain infamous occurred. Fights broke out among people from Loreroot and Golemus. Uncertainty returned and despite negotiations and pleas for a peaceful solution, Golemus issued a decree that war would come between both lands unless Raven stepped down. Many reasons were given for this turn of events. I shall not document them here, for they are many and complicated.

Loreroot was in disarray. How could this be happening? How would Loreroot fight? Arguments abounded. Some called for war, others for Raven to step down and spare the loss of innocent life. The Knator Commander left after a row with others in Loreroot. Having lost its general and its people split, Raven stepped down as leader. It was a war that was seen as unwinnable by many up to this point and now it seemed to be utterly impossible with the loss of Knator Commander.

Over the next few weeks, Loreroot attempted to try and come to terms with what had happened and to reassert some kind of leadership. Elections were held to appoint a new council to govern the Land. The honourable Pamplemouse, presided over these elections to ensure that they were fair and accurate. The results of which have now been made public and indeed are still in progress.

Edited by Firsanthalas
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