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Loop or line?


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Mp3s have limitations. You cannot get infinite VP as mp3.
For mp5s things are different. In theory you can advance to infinite :D. In practice there is a limit set by the system. For example you cannot have more than 4 billion xp on a crit. And if you have let's say 3 crits with that xp your total xp will still be 4 billion. So I assume this is the limit. But no worries: without a major cheat or something there is no way to get to that value (Ve, VP or stats). This...in case you were asking about those.

If you are asking about RP...then the system has no limits :)

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It's not the exact value. The exact value is slightly bigger (although not 5 billions). It's a type of data but i cannot remember which and I am too lazy to look it up on google (hope I am not mistaken).

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i dont realy care about the xp. im asking about ValueP and VitalityP. So in theory with MP5 you can pretty much suck at MP3 and 4 but still repair it with playing well in MP5? No reason to start new Char just cos u didnt play perfect in Early Game.

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As I said it applied for ve, vp, stats (there is a limit but it is too high to actually touch it). I used the xp example cause that is the one I tested.
And yes, you can catch up as mp5.

As for your statement with "I don't care about xp.." you will learn that xp is very important :). Wait until mp5 :D

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