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A sacrifice


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On midnight of Day 105, the inner reaches of Necrovion were unlocked, so that those who could enter Necrovion, could enter the darkest depths of it. A sacrifice took place that night, of a virgin soul, doomed to die. That soul was one Wane, young in this realm, and too inexperienced to be aware of his circumstances. So there he stood, on a dark night, in the presence of the Princess of Necrovion, Peace.

He wished to enter those lands, he knew where the door was if he wanted to leave, but yet he stayed, perhaps not aware of the danger he was in. It has been described as a mad place, it can drive someone's mind crazy, it can only be imagined that that is why he stayed, for all rational thought must have hit out at him telling him to run and leave.

At this time, the Shade Sentinel had recently disappeared, Peace came upon the idea that perhaps if a virgin soul was sacrificed it would gives the Shades the strength to overcome this new foe that they faced.

Wane was in the wrong place, at the right time. He was fresh into the realm, he was pure. In short, the perfect sacrifice.

Peace drew her blades across his cheek several times. She would have no mercy upon this soul. The circle and candles were set, all was prepared. Pure blood makes the best sacrifice, and indeed Wane's blood was pure. Pinned down, his soul was to be given to the Shades and his blood was drawn into a cup, to be stored for a later use.

Peace offered the honour of the sacrifice to Tzaroth, who accepted upon her command. Vainly an attempt was made by MRWander to steal Wane away into the darkness, away from the madness that was surrounding them, the prone body was too much for him, the weight too much to carry, Wane was left there at the mercy of those who would kill him.

The ritual words resounded through the air outside Deathmarrow ''Spirits of the Dark, hear this call. To you we dedicate this sacrifice, this pure spirit we will deliver into your hands. Most Powerful Shades, accept our offering as we end a life in your honour!'' The mistress of the sacrifice and Tzaroth both painted bloody red lines on their faces. Wane's time had come, he was to die for their cause, his meaningless existence had been given a purpose. Here, now, death was going to validate Wane's life.

The blade tore through Wane's shirt like butter, exposing his chest to the elements. A humble offer from the Shades servants, in the hope that it may please and strengthen their Master. The blade was raised up to the sky, before plunging down again into his chest, his screams echoed throughout all of Necrovion that night, heard by all.

[b]Story pieced together by Grido[/b]

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