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I have been helping a bunch of people edit/improve their personal pages but there isn't a way for me to directly edit their pages. I know this is something that RPCs can do, but it would be nice if there were a way to designate a personal "editor" for your account. I was thinking that this could be a nice addition to the adept/worshipper relationship. When you are someones adept, they get an edit button when viewing your page. It could be possible to put an "opt out" button next to the adept signup for people who don't want the person they are the adept to edit their pages, but for worshippers that option seems like a good idea regardless.


PS Even if it is not linked with adepts being able to give permission to another to edit your pages would be a good thing.

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it wouldn't be linked with adepts, just saying, too many things can and would go wrong with it

not sure if it would be possible to do, coding wise, probably, reality dont imagine

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  • Root Admin

Surely you know that everything is possible Grido? Weather it gets into the game is based on how bothered Mur is about it.

Would it be used? partially but weather it would be used for the work to be put in. Probably not.

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