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Intro to the Crafters


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I just wanted to make a statement on who the Crafters are, and how some things get done, so if you need an item made you can check here first for some info that will help making your items more fun for all involved.

1. the members of the Crafters are people who can make items as a part of their role at the moment in the game other than Mur there are Udgard and myself this list will grow as other people get the abilities

2. each of us who are able to make things can only make things in the range of our character role ... this means The Metal Mage can not make you a "silk robe" but he could make you a shield.

3. making anything takes materials and know how ... and some small tip or payment can help note: every item made by one of the Crafters also takes a WP(wish point) this is not part of any payment but part of the system in place to get the item you are wishing for...

4. under your inventory you have a tab that says this: Items you own [info] this Info link will show you more information about items and things you need to know like having an item that fits your role and avy in mind will help it be bade faster ... and that some items can not be made ... and others just wont be made for different reasons...

thank you all for reading

We the Crafters look forward to growing and working with each and everyone of you.

The Metal Mage
Leader of the Crafters
Making the realms a better place one item at a time.

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