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This is a public announcement of my new quest "Curses".

This quest is built to instill a sense of teamwork into a group of individuals. For this quest a date is set, and a group of no more than 10 is gathered. Once the party is gathered in a predefined location hired helpers will help unfold a scenario designed to entertain, as well as test those attempting it.

also "Curses" is using a questing style that incorporates silver into it's functioning. As such Players doing the quest are asked to pay 5 silver to reserve a spot on the quest. Silver gained will be used as rewards, as well as to hire helpers in this, and future quests.

Other rewards include the possibility of Wish Points, Spell Docs, Items (maybe), and creatures, although rewarding is at my discresion, which mean that i decide who gets rewarded, and who doesnt.

Also as a note, if you intend to pay me please make sure i know you are paying me so there are no complications.

~Players should expect to spend a few hours attempting this quest~

Now that that's out of the way i would like to set the first quest for May 23rd, day ~142~ at 17:00 game time, i feel this is probably a generally acceptably time, although next time i run this quest i will run it later to give everyone a fair chance

I am currently reserving 3 seats of my quest, but i am now opening the rest up for reservation, anyone interested should contact me, and arrangments will be made.

Thank you in advance,


2.) Camilla
3.) Lightsage
4.) Kafuuka
5.) Shadowseeker
6.) *Clock Master*
7.) Awiiya
8.) Rendril Revant
9.) Guybrush Threepwood
10.) Gremlin

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it is, thats part of the reason i have reserved spots, and i know 5 coins is a bit, but i want to be able to offer a wider assortment of rewards... i can promise that any coin i gain through this will be used for non-personal use. Also i know it's short notice, but really it's too in depth to run during the week when i have little time, but i guess if i dont get any interested parties ill just have to reschedule for next week... To be honest though im surprised people want to see a market develope, but dont want to spend some coin... heres a little hint for you... money has no value if left unspent...

There must be some type of circulation going on with money for it to work, a place to recieve it, and a place to spend it. What I'm hoping is that this encourages more players, not just RPC/PWR to make quests.

Well i guess i wont start going into economics at this point in time, nor get further into my intentions on what i am gonna do later.

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alright mate :P ... i'll come find you right quick, i may be able to help you.

i also wanted to say that since it was a late announcement that this week it'll only be 3 silver for a spot on the quest, however ensuing quests will return to the previous rate.

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alright mate, no need to pay ahead of time :) ill set the next date soon... as of right now i am thinking 13:00 next saturday (server time), but that is subject to change.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Last run was cancelled due to lack of participants, apologies to those who showed up...

next run for this quest will be on Saturday, day ~156~, at 19:00

please make reservations if you can, also if you requested entry before please come talk to me, and i'll try and work out something for you... :)

i truly hope to see some of you there to experience my quest, and because of this im gonna keep the price at 3 silver... also i dont wanna hear people complain about silver because i am willing to help those interested... if they're willing to help me, of course :D .

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