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Pirate Meetings


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[center]Hello everyone, and sorry to those who this doesnt apply to, but i was hoping to arrange the first official pirate meeting. I have found that over time i have assembled quite the motley crew, and i feel it is about time i do my part to make the pirates feel more comfortable with each other, combine our efforts, and discuss other things. I feel we are doing a great job right now, but i think together we can achieve much greater heights.

Currently I am setting the first pirate meeting to be at 04:00 server time on saturday; this equates to friday night in the U.S.

Also i know there will be timing conflicts, and that some may not be able to come. No need to worry though because i will later hold meetings at different times, and attendance isnt mandatory.

It will be held at the plains of deceit.

Other than that i hope to see a great deal of you there, Cheers!


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[center]next pirate meeting will be on Friday, day ~155~, at 18:00

i also implore more people to show, thanks in advance to those who do show.


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