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Heads contest

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This is making me really angry. I dont want to fight for heads or even be a target for all overpowered old players! It´s really annoying for every time you have one of those heads someone comes and kills ALL of your creatures. I have more to do in this game then healing my creatures without finding a secure place because like i understood it is nowhere safe if you own heads.
I need several hours to heal my creatures for a few seconds in game to be bashed. How long will this take? I´d like to know and I will maybe stay off for the whole time! :):):P

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Oh yeah...monthly ranting topic about HC :).

Blackwood...sorry to tell you but tough luck. :)
There are ways to avoid getting all your crits killed and the first and basic one (which you should already know) is DEF rituals.

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don't mind dst, he/she likes being the villain in this game
both in-game and in forums

obviously, for someone to complain about heads contest
they prolly be someone new
and why expect everyone new to know about def rits?
hell, everyone should come into this game and know everything!
it's a crime to go ignorant in this game, i tell you
so tough luck, dst and their kind abound in this game

if you dislike owning heads, just don't attack those with heads
and if you have some, you prolly already lost them if your rit got broken
anyway, heads contest or no, your crits getting killed will prolly happen most of the time
EVEN with DEF rits
just be patient with the healing and everything else
this game isn't meant to be played fast like a game of counterstrike
while waiting to fully heal and regen your VE, VP, and AP
you can go and explore the land, solve quests and riddles
and socialize with the players here
that's the main bulk of this game anyway
you'll be missing 90% of the game if you don't do any of this stuff
and just stick to fighting

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[spoiler]if you set up weak def rits then they only get one head at a time[/spoiler]

That being said the heads contest is really only for those who have either
A) Huge amount of time played in a mind power
B) Premium account members who have tons of creatures

If you do not wish to participate just set up a bunch of weak rits over and over and over again. That will keep others from wiping out all your critters and most of the time if most others see they just get one head off you they will leave you alone. The big hitters are setting up huge defs to keep their heads and generally weaker offs cause most people set weak def rits all around.

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Sorry harion but you don't have the slightest clue how this game works if you say that newcomers shouldn't know about def rits! He**! it's the first thing a newbie learns IF he asks around in case he/she is not smart enough to figure that out on their own.

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I am amused when certain people say that others 'have no clue what this game is about.'

However, Blackwoodforest, there are ways to get around participating in the heads contest. As mentioned before, there are simple defenses which allow you to keep the majority of your creatures alive.
Also, taking refuge in sanctuaries is an option, though that only lasts up until you have accumulated seven heads. Once that occurs, you are 'fair game,' as it were, and the sanctuaries will no longer shield you from harm.
Another option is to pass your heads to a player who is participating, allowing him or her to gain heads while not destroying your rituals or creatures in the process.

You will continue to "grow" heads no matter what you do. If none of the above is amenable, another option is to stay away until the conclusion of the contest, which can take several days.

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why do you even bother to heal your creatures?

throughout my first 4 contests, i just didn't mind fighting in that time, the defs are huge, i was weak... you can do other things in that time and heal your creatures again once it's over XD

and like someone already stated, this game is longlasting, not short-term-fast-fun like CS or WOW... you can do all kinds of things apart from fighting here :lol:

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I'm amused how certain players claim to know everything but I haven't seen them in MD. Never. Not to mention fighting or at least showing their faces.

And yeah, like Burns said: why bother healing crits?

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