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Does this game really cares about the startup?


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Meaning if i screw my char up on the begining, like geting mp cap and low lvl creatures and things like that, losing my money, low stat/principles. Will i be able to fix later on the game?
like if i screw mp3 and mp4 can i fix on mp5 and mp6?
And is mp2 related to ur char or EVERYTHING is an illusion?

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in my opinion, regardless what you do , except some very rare cases, its hard to screw up permanently..if you screw up in one direction it will be better from a different point and the opposite. Of course some ways are better than the others but its not like you are used to normaly in games that you need to do a specific thing in the start to get great things later.

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losing money? how'd you do that? XD

however, yes, you can 'fix' everything you want on mp5, personally i rushed through mp3 and 4 in less than a month, came to mp5 with not even an ele on lvl 5 (they are useful^^) and still managed to survive my first few weeks, and foudn some people who helped me level my creatures up and such...

whatever you do on mp3, you can still do whatever you like on mp5... it's kinda endless for the time being =)

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