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New RPCs?


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Over the course of the past month or so I have noticed that some of the RPCs are no longer around. No matter what time there are a few I have NEVER seen in my entire time of playing this game (91 active days on my main).
1. How often are new RPCs picked? Or is it that there is noone qualified to be a new RPC?

2. Do old RPCs ever get taken off the list? The knator commander has retired and hasn't been seen just to name one.

3. Do people have to apply for RPCs or are they picked out of being known in the realm for their rp?

4. There are only two crafters that I know of. Kragel and Udgard. Am I correct with that? They are very specific crafters and seems like MD could use a different crafter or two. Or would that be flooding MD with items? I personally know Kragel makes difficult quests to gain an item (took me almost two months to get my item) and if all crafters make their tasks difficult I don't see overflow of items.

Just a few questions this noob has to ask. If there is a forum post that answers all of these questions please show me where to find it. I think the lack of RPC involvement lately has caused a bit of a slow down in the game as a whole. Like I said I am a noob compared to most people so I speak all of this in ignorance. I have yet to see Bootes, Knator Commander, or Je Suis in the 4 or 5 months I have been around. I mean no offense to any RPC in any way. Just curious about all of it and always trying to learn more about MD. There are only two crafters that I know of...Kragel, and Udgard. Am I correct in that

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1. New RPC's and PWR's are made almost always during the festivals now, unless under exceptional circumstances

2. Knatty is a character that Mur plays, he will not be taken off the list as he is an important character
during the previous festival and since there have been Newslog entries stating about RPC's being demoted and resigning, so yes, it does happen.

3. People make clear on their profiles what they want, again refer to Newslog from just before the most recent festival, Mur made an entry there as to what he wanted to see on the papers of people who wanted roles.

4. There are more people who have been told they can craft items, the one that pops to mind is SubZeroo, who as made a PWR in the last festival, not sure if this holds or not still, but there are also more than just him, i just cant remember them off the tp of my head.

Bootes last i heard was in the middle of exams, Je Suis i don't know about, Knatty like i said is Mur and rarely comes out

If you want to learn more about MD read through the Newslog start to finish, it gives you some good information there, i presume you read the forums anyway.

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2. yes, there are RPCs that have been taken off the list

4. As far as I remember, there are 3 people with item creation abilities, Kragel, I, and Sub. I haven't seen sub for a while now, so I don't know if he still makes items or not(or if he has already been given the interface). Mur (as far as I can remember) wanted items to be something special, so there won't be an overflow of items in the near future (actually there is, but they are for material items, not custom made items). This is reflected in the fact that making items costs 1 WP as part of the mechanics alone, apart from the quests.

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to answer the question you didn't dare to ask, phantasm:
no, you can't get an RPC by bugging Mur or Akasha, you have to create a _new_, interesting role and stick with it (being a crafter is not original and will therefore most likely only make you a PWR with minor powers at best, another might-be-roleplayer at worst), play it at all times and be online about 4 hours a day to qualify for RPC-status =)

on the other questions: there are RPCs which I haven't seen online in 350 days, most of those are story-related characters Mur created to start off with something... RPC clean-ups are not done like the LHO clean-up, they stay on the list for various reasons, mostly because handing out powers twice is not a murry thing to do :P

sorry Akasha, i was under the impression that you were doing a great part of early storywork...
i heard that you created the background of Thanasia and the Shade Sentinel, and played both of them, along with Mara and, obviously, Akasha for some time to get the adventures running... i guess those infos were not correct, then :/

Edited by Burns
removed my name, as it was not me to create the roles
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lol burns. I dared not ask the question because I knew that answer. Bugging anyone about anything is not the way to get anywhere. I like people to remind me now and then because like everyone I tend to forget things from time to time. But yes weekly harrasment will most likely get you further down the list than up it.

I didn't know the Commandor was one of Mur's char. Makes sense and cleared up much about him thank you. I know Cryxus was a recent addition to the RPC list, just curious about old ones I had not seen.

I have sat down and read the whole AL *a long read when trying to put it all together* but I have not read the whole change log. Guess that will be the next big project because its LONG also. Thank you all for answering my questions and between this and reading the change log I'm sure all my questions have been fully answered.

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