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Your Creatures Have Been Stolen


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As a member of the Live Help Operators, I have been getting many player complaints of creatures being stolen. In order not to constantly pm Mur (May His Name Always Be Red Except When It's Not) I submit the following suggestions.

1. Never share your password with any other player. EVER
2. Each creature has an ID number. Write the creature name, number and any tokens it has down on paper.
3. If you trade a creature with another player, write the Player name down and his ID number number. Write down the creature ID number you received in its place.
4. Do NOT delay in reporting theft of any kind. Help Us Help You.

I hope this information is helpful and any added advice from administrators will be most helpful.

Live Help Operator

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  • Root Admin

No it isnt possible to do that Phantasm

The Creature codes are basicly

CTC + ID of creature + Random Characters + MDC + More random characters

So unless someone mistypes the ID wrong and somehow manages to get the right random characters then this isnt likely to happen

BTW: If you know the ID of the Creature the chance of you being able to guess or randomly get it is

1.336 x 10^31 OR for normal people its a 1 in 13360000000000000000000000000000 chance of getting it.

(Based on my maths skills which im pretty sure is right)

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Normally a single typo has zero chance to result in the same hash. You'd have to make multiple typing mistakes and the odds of getting a valid hash would still be extremely small. Of course this is under the assumption that CTC codes use a hash method for security. The same thing has been used for bank transfers and god knows what else for years, so it seems a safe bet it's being used here too.

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Not to mention even if you tried on a specific creature, I'm sure the system notices if you input 10k wrong tries or so....

And even after 10k tries you need way more. Unless you really know the method how it's being encrypted, I somehow doubt you can get it.

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I thank you for your contributions, however it has gone off topic... not to mention giving me MEGO (My Eyes Glaze Over).
This is the 5th Help Request that I have answered and Mur (May His Name Always Be Red Except When It's Not) is aware of the situation from my reports. This thread was based off suggestions from Himself to me that I wished to share.

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