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[quote]King Bull (ID:67761)

the Question..... is not............. do you believe in God? this i know the answer too already... i have seen you actknowledge God many times... so this automatically tells me the answer... now for the question. Genesis 1st book of the bible chapter 1, 2, 3, chapter 4 verse 16 and 17 the question: in the beginning god created heaven and earth. then he created adam and eve, they had children cain and abel.... Genesis verse 16 : then Cain went out from the presents of the Lord and dewlt in the land of Nod on the east of eden, Genesis Verse 17: And Cain knew his wife, and she concieved and bore Enoch....... the question is where Cains come wife come from? at this point there was only Adam and Eve and thier children..... Where did Cains wife come from?


It came from the absurdity in the logic used to create those stories. People can't simply understand complex things, they need examples, mostly from their lives. The church needed a full monopoly over the creation of man and the universe and man needed an answe above all ..who care if it makes sense? it did for over thousand years.
i can't believe in those child stories, but because its a book full of wisdom, and absurdities (or missunderstand sacrated knowledge how some prefer to call them, oops, just ignore my opinion on religion....) i think its awsome for public debate.
round 2 (i might give an answer in round 2)[/quote]

My personal opinion is that Genesis is (cant think of the right word now but i'll go for..) a big metaphor for what happened, it was written several hundred years after the rest of the old testament (or new, cant remember which) so it being written as being what happened in the literal sense i find highly unlikely

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grido is right, its big metaphor, and ya need to see how is it written, how ppl was telling stories back then, and how they understood them, this question king bull pointed out is very easy to answer, at least to me, well this story from bible genesis is written in a way how today newspapers are written :) in newspapers if it is article about some race, who gets first gets all attention, same thing here, only first ppl got mentioned, and others get included as needed, btw adam means "man" and eve means "of living one" so its metaphor :D becoz ya cant know what was name of first man and woman, if they even had a name

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The thing is you cannot take everything in the bible in a literal sense because of how many times it has been re-written and also how much has actually been cut out of the original version.

It is a good book if you look at it from a story aspect, and I do believe that a lot of it is simply metaphors for various events that happened in specific time periods, cultures, etc.

The real lesson you should learn from the bible is where it talks about morals and wrong and right. I believe that is the part of the bible that holds most significance because it tells you how to be a decent person.

I am not Christian, but I grew up in a Christian house hold. I have my own set of beliefs that are separate and are from not just one religion- but several. I am not atheist but I cannot specifically name myself to one general religion.

My point is, religion is something to look into- I suggest exploring beyond the boundaries of your religion and common religious belief.
To ask a question is to search for knowledge and truthfully, you should never stop asking questions and you should never stop searching for knowledge. :D

Einstein even stated that you should never stop asking, "Why?" and I truly believe that.

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The thing is...the bible is no book written by god.

It's solely written by humans and has been declared as the Holy Book by the believers, which sometimes even took things literal.

Although in a sense the bible was written to grasp a certain idea, a certain higher being people believe in, personally I find it hard to believe, at least the way they write it. However the ideals of love are good in my opinion, that is why I can accept it being the most sold book in the world.

We have the answer regarding understanding things..it isn't like God only created 2 humans at the beginning, from a Darwinistic point of view we evolved out of apes and so slowly different "races" have been created, all being human, adapted to the environment.

What you pointed out with the wife coming out of "nowhere" is for me at least, one of the following two:
A symbol to be understood, like Liberty said it. It wasn't only one man and one woman, probably more.
Simply humanity. Everyone makes mistakes, and so this is a gap people forgot, ignored when writing it...not like humans are perfect.

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To actually answer the question, most people think it's pretty simple. Cain married one of his sisters. One of God's first commands was to populate the whole earth, so the people would have started spreading out. It's also possible that Cain already had a wife before he left, they have a way of ignoring what women, especially married women, do in the bible. As for not being literal due to the fact that it was created later than the other books, well that just seems silly logic. The book contains things, not much, but things, that supposedly happened before ANY people existed. Certainly if this book were written accurately the information would HAVE to have come from God. If that's the case it could have been written yesterday and still be accurate.

The only question is, did the information come from God or people? If you believe it came from people, and God had nothing to do with the process, then fine, there's nothing at all to the bible, and no reason to consider it anything other than an interesting book. If God had something to do with it, than no argument of when is particularly valid.

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The bible was not written by God, there are MANY sources that wrote what is known as the bible. They are a bunch of testimonies from a bunch of different people grouped together and called a religious text.

Just the simple fact there are many different versions of the bible supports this claim, why would an author rewrite his book 8 different times from 20 different points of view?

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*removes some needless spam, and increases a certain persons Warn level*

my point that it was written after much of the rest of the bible was in relation to man writing it, inspired by God, or of their own perogative, there is also the case that it may have been written to fill in the gap of what happened before (talking mainly about beginning of Genisis)

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The Bible wasn't written on a single day either. Most old texts have an even larger oral history before the first written accounts are found and I doubt the Bible is an exception. I consider the Bible to be a mix of events that happened to a group of people and moral tales. If you look at the research about it, there's some interesting stuff about what happened historically, eg Sodom and Gomorra: a volcanic explosion that spewed tons of poisonous sulfur into the air, wiping out the cities in a matter of hours.

I've read a part of Herodotos', which is considered early history writing, and it is also full of both fact and fiction. In one story he writes that a Phoenician expedition to sail around Africa observed that the sun changes sides and appears in the north sky, which we now know to be true because the earth is not flat. He also describes how a king of a certain island empire has too much luck (he tries to remove his luck by throwing his most precious ring in a river and then discovers it in the fish he's served for dinner) and is subsequently struck down by the gods. It's been years since I've read it, but I think he had [b]less[/b] doubts and comments on the king's demise than on the sun appearing in the north instead of the south...

Bible stories that do not make sense: how about Lot and his daughters? Let's hope that it is not supposed to be an example of how to behave.

[quote]Just the simple fact there are many different versions of the bible supports this claim, why would an author rewrite his book 8 different times from 20 different points of view?[/quote]
To increase the sales! (according to Where were you last Pluterday - Paul van Herck )

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[quote name='Guybrush Threepwood' post='34204' date='Jun 21 2009, 08:49 PM']To actually answer the question, most people think it's pretty simple. Cain married one of his sisters. One of God's first commands was to populate the whole earth, so the people would have started spreading out.[/quote]

Talk about contradictions. Isn't Incest a mortal sin in the eyes of the church?

The Holy Bible is a book of absolute contradiction. After all it is a creation of humans who considered them blessed in the eyes of god.. Paranoid if you ask me. The new testment was a collection of narations of saints.. And As for genesis.. Trust me.. We should all be suffering from common hereditary diseases if Cain would have married his sister. (Pardon me orthodox catholics. I blatantly crucify my own religion in which I was born as well when I get the chance. I am an agnostic.)

Now for king bull's question.. Bible is a story. Awesome if you ask me. It has the mystery, the suspense, the drama, the porn (YES THE PORN! READ REVELATIONS?), humour, tragedy and immense boredom. It was imperfectly written to preach dictatorship and an orthodox doctrine.. Something like media released in military government or a communist government.. To unite people under one common empire.. The Roman empire.. Its bound to have mistakes.. For the time being I would pretend to assume.. Cain's wife was a part of his rib too (since incest has been branded a mortal sin in the eyes of the church).. Poor cain. Must have been painful to have his rib removed without general anaesthesia.. Tsk! Tsk!

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The bible is like a big anthology of fables, who's entire purpose is to glorify christianity. It's truly incredible how perfect a document it was. It gave christianity great power over most of the people who read it, for most realised the wisdom and the power of christ and were compelled to serve. This allowed the religion to gain great military and monetary superiority over most of the great powers of the age. Which allowed them to grow even more. The religion serves no purpose in modern society, but the bible does. The bible still has life lessons that can be applied today, and even though the religion is dying, the bible will remain useful forever.

I've gone a little off topic i suppose but the fact remains that they are fables, and in fables, no one cares about where cain's wife came from. People should only listen to the story, and not tirelessly attempt to convince christians that their religion is nonesense. (let the hate mail rain down from heaven)

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