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Funny joke!

Fenrir Greycloth

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Little Susie goes home from school and tells her mum that the boys keep asking her to do cartwheels because she's very good at them ?

Mum said : " YOU should say NO - they only want to look at your undies".

Susie said: " I know they do that's why I hide them in my backpack"!!

Post a joke! Make me laugh! Winner gets a silver coin!

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aww man... i've got so many good jokes that'd get me banned from anything but the shadiest of dives...

err.... let's see if i got a clean one off the top of my head...

so a pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel hanging out of his zipper and walks up to the bar.

The bar tender gives the pirate a funny look, and say "Hey mate, what's up with the steering wheel?".

And the pirate say "Argh! this thing? It's drivin' me nuts!"

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[quote name='awiiya' post='34161' date='Jun 20 2009, 09:58 PM']That's clean? I suppose for a dirty, salty pirate it is.


*laughs* I think it's pretty clean. Though I also think the following joke/riddle isn't too bad.

What kind of bees give milk?


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