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[size="4"][/size]At 18:41:37, Day 174, on June 24th, 2009, a baby boy was born in RavenHold, Capital of Loreroot. Congratulations go out to Mya Celestial and Ibruzu. Their son's name is Arion Ibruson and his first stats are: Weight 9 lbs, Height 22 inches long.

Arion Ibruson does have an account with Magic Duel but is not a member of the Alliance or Guilds. Loreroot does not have an off topic section an so this is where this will be for now.

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Hehe. I am proud to say that I was there when it all happened.

Congratulations to Mya and Ibruzu. You're son will grow to be great.


I think he'll grow to be over 10 feet tall XD

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[quote name='SageWoman' post='34610' date='Jun 24 2009, 09:43 AM']Weight 9 lbs, Height 22 inches long.[/quote]

Oh... oh dear. Poor Mya. That must have been difficult.


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[quote name='lightsage' post='34612' date='Jun 24 2009, 07:55 PM']Cmon sage, 22 inches long? Please keep it civil![/quote]

22 inches...that's about 55cm...almost as big as a 1 month old. But that's not abnormal..

@Fenrir: so...you can say you experiences the pleasures of giving birth :blink:

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