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Walter's puzzle


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Daniel Carpenter, a forensics specialist, went to a reknowned medical college for a job interview.. When he entered the interview chamber, he was greeted by two senior doctors.. One man was old appearing to be around 50 to 60yrs of age and the other was a middle age man of around 35 to 40yrs. He greeted them and was asked to sit down..

They had a white metal tray infront of them which had a single finger which smelt as if it had been preserved in formalin. The finger was pointing towards Daniel with a perfectly visible finger nail. It appeared freshly cut, without any signs of blood in it, meaning the body had been embalmed before it was cut..

'Good afternoon, erm.. Dr. Carpenter.. ' greeted the younger man, 'I am Dr. Jacob Walter, associate proffessor, dept. Of forensic medicine and this is Dr. James Park, head of the dept., forensic medicine. We would like to ask you one simple question. Without touching anything on the table here, we want you tell us which hand this finger belongs to and why?'

Daniel just leaned forward and looked at the finger. The finger resembled an ordinary finger.. He smiled and replied, 'Right hand'. The two interviewers smiled and said, 'You are 100% right doctor. Your explanation?'

What do you think daniel replied?

This question doesnt require any medical knowledge. Just your observation skills. I want you to PM your answers to my FORUM PM. And please post here that you have pmed me NOT THE ANSWER... Just the fact that you have pmed me. The first person to reply with the correct answer will get 1 silver. (thats all i can afford at the moment) the test ends tommorow 6.00p.m. server time..

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Yay, thanks :P

ok, here's my explanation:
on the base segment of each finger are small hairs. the hairs on the base segment of fingers of the right hand point to the right (to the left of his point of view, since the finger was pointing at him) and the hairs on the base segment of the fingers of the left hand are pointing to the left (rightwards from his point of view). so he just had to check in which direction the small hairs point.

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