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GG critter A.B.A.R

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Most places have critters you can get (yeah, Archives don't, but that's kinda a strange place anyway) when you go there. GG is the only exception. Is there a place where you can get critters? Kinda, there is a place where critters can be recruited, but only JR can get in, so even if you are to get one, (there's a freeze, so even that's impossible) it will not require you to be there at any point in time. Seems to me there aught be some sort of reward for getting there, other than a different altar. Mostly, I think it needs more critters. So here we are.

A.B.A.R.:R. (Autonomous Bad Arse Robot: Rusty, yeah, I'm terrible with names)
Cost to purchase:
Ve: 1 (buhahaha What on earth was that for?)
Vp: 30k (I like extremes, and yes, I'm gonna comment nearly EVERY little thing, cause that's what I do.)
Ap: 12
Ep: 33 (Ahh, I was initially gonna have it as 110 cost for Ap, but this is even a little more tricksier. It'll make some people think, most will not have issue with it)

Ve: 452 (Making anyone cringe?)
Attack: 39
Defense: 31.5
Initiative: -3
Abilities: Slugish Strike (New ability. Attacks once every two turns starting in Round 1 (That's the second round btw) for 1.5xdamage. Uses attack)
Targets: Random

Descrition: A.B.A.R.:R. is a newly found machine on the isle of GG, and the sea air has not been good to it. The machine is a bit rusty and moves slowly, but can use it's massive bulk to pack quite a wallop. Hopefully as it gets moving it will be able to loosen the rust in some of it's parts and regain full functionality.

*****Level II****

A.B.A.R.:S. (Autonomous Bad Arse Robot: Shaky, yeah, I'm terrible with names)
Requirements for reaching THIS level:
Age: 3
Exp: 3141
Wins: 27
Ve: 2
Vp: 31k
Ap: 14
Ep: 36

Ve: 523
Attack: 62
Defense: 49
Initiative: 0
Abilities: Shaky Slug Strike (New, obviously. 1.5xDamage every other round starting round 0, but with a 20% chance to miss)
Targets: Random

Description: Those wins seem to have shaken the rust out, but it seems some of the rust was holding it together. Now the machine looks like it's going to rattle apart every time it has to move. It has gotten a little faster though.

**** Level 3****
A.B.A.R.:I. (Autonomous Bad Arse Robot: Intelligent, yeah, still bad with names, and as many have noticed from level II, lazy.)
Requirements for reaching THIS level:
Age: 6
Exp: 31415
Wins: 45
Ve: 3
Vp: 4 (Hu? Random is always good)
Ap: 170 (Hope you have some friends. Unless of course you're gonna just skate by due to some darned alliance bonus. Curse you. *shakes fist and hopes no one notices the jealousy*)
Ep: 0

Ve: 900
Attack: 0
Defense: 91
Initiative: 14
Abilities: Think (The critter does nothing the entire battle, but can be placed in rituals)
Targets: All

Description: One of those fights must have knocked a circuit loose because now all he'll talk about is math and science. In battle he just watches what happens. He's become entirely useless, maybe if you knock it over the head again it will stop thinking and just start hitting things again...

****Level 4****

A.B.A.R.:U. (Autonomous Bad Arse Robot: Upgraded)
Requirements for reaching THIS level:
Age: 23
Exp: 314159
Wins: 73
Ve: 7326
Vp: 1
Ap: 1

Ve: 7326
Attack: 20
Defense: 120
Initiative: 21
Abilities: Twin Strikes, Sluggish Smash (Sluggish Smash, same as strike but 2xDamage. Twin Strikes, attacks twice in one round, the second coming at the point where a tenth of it's initiative would place it in the round order, each hit does 1/10th of it's attack stat in damage.)
Targets: All

Description: After a while the darn thing went CRAZY. It ran off without so much as a bleep blopit garg (which you've taken to mean goodbye) and didn't come back for hours. When it finally did return, you didn't even recognize it. No more rust, no more peeling paint job. The thing looks brand new and has been retrofitted with a new needle shooter. Sure, the thing doesn't look like it'd do much damage, but it looks awesome sitting on it's shoulder. Maybe this thing will be a little more useful now...

Requirements for reaching THIS level:



Don't mind this, this is just here for further updates in the future should I decide that they are necessary.

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uhm... you go through numberous topics complaining about how evil the unbalance is, and then propose a creature which reaches an insanely destructive level within a month?
i mean, seriously, 7k VE and 120 def? it's unbeatable...

either good vit or good def, both at once make it indestrucible...

apart form that, YAY, wall-e invades golemus XD

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I was thinking it might not be quite so cute as Wally. Also, it only causes unbalance if it's something not everyone can get. Though I don't really want to be replacing a bunch of other crits with this guy, so perhaps I should tone him down. And his low age requirment actually increases balance, as you don't have to be an ancient of the game to use him. Mostly I'm incredibly Impatient.

I keep going off the whole stats given to the critters are far higher than their personal stats, but in the case of 120 defense, that's no longer the case. I'll scale the defense down to 43 and the health to 2kish. If you have any particular number ideas I'd love to hear them, but mostly I'm just interested in the ideas like Slugish smash and Twin Strikes.

I was personally thinking they might be over powered on a target all, especially Twin Strikes.

I was also thinking of making some other requirement for his final upgrade, I was also considering upgrade to different forms. A requirement might be something like a WP or something of the sort, or perhaps certain people <RPC(s), hey, I can't find the darn brackets, so sue me> might be able to do something to upgrade them for you, like with a Windy.

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first of all: i like the unusual upgrading requirements :P i think most of us know how to get them, but it still involves finding some buddies to help you with it.

[quote name='Guybrush Threepwood']Twin Strikes, attacks twice in one round, the second coming at the point where a tenth of it's initiative would place it in the round order, each hit does 1/10th of it's attack stat in damage.)
I was personally thinking they might be over powered on a target all, especially Twin Strikes.[/quote]
i'm a little tired, so maybe i miss the point.... but.... how is inflicting 2/10th of your normal damage output, with delay, better than say.... inflicting 10/10th right away? so obviously i'd say: not overpowered (as long as those numbers don't exceed 10/10 by much when added up).

the sluggish smash of the penultimate version keeps the 20% fail of its predecessor i'd assume. that "could" balance the fact that you hit for double damage, most likely in a battle that isn't meant to last longer than round zero anyway (from the top of my head i'd say 21 ini is the highest of all creatures by some multitude) :)

sidenote: udgard is the golemancer, could be some interesting concepts for him to borrow here :D

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If you don't know why twin strikes could be increadibly handy, I won't mention it. The Sluggish Slam does not have the chance to miss the original did, but hits at round 1. (In other words it's like sluggish strike, but 200% instead of the 150%)

Something you may not be considering is that damage=attack-defense. This means twin strikes is .2*attack-2*defense each round. Sluggish averages to attack-.5defense each round.

I suppose I'll follow suit and ask that this topic be closed so I can throw one in with a poll in it.

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