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Questions about avatars

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Very nice. *keeps checking avatar page*

Out of curiousity, if I purchase a level 1 and two avatar(Not the avatar itself, but the permission to), does that mean I can purchase a lvl 2 avatar after I purchased the level 1 avatar if I wish to do so? Or does it allow me to buy only one avatar total instead of the level one and a level two?

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nope as long as you pay for both levels, it doesn't matter. you still have to pay for the avatar itself as nomal but the only diffence between the levels is you unlock the gold avatars a few shop items later then the nomal ones, and of couse the gold ones have gold colored parts.

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I think what is being asked is this...

Lets say I buy the option to get a lvl 1 and 2 avy feature yet pick no avy cause there are none. Can I buy a lvl 1 avy when it shows up for free and then turn around and buy a lvl 2 avy when it shows up or do I still ahve to use a credit to buy the lvl 2 avy?

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If you have both options activated you can pick whatever avy you want. You don't need to pick a lvl1 and change it to lvl2.

As a side note: if you don't have lvl2 activated I don't think you can see them -lvl2 avatars I mean(I am not really sure about this since it's a long time I had the issue and I have a baaad memory)

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