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The Death Of Peace, Princess Of The Evening Blue Sky

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~ Day: 188 ~

In the early hours of the 188th day, Peace had gathered the Sentinels, for it was a time of change. As Peace the Princess of the Evening Blue Sky, Daughter of Rajj Khalazdad had taken on her destiny, and embraced Death...

As with her father before her, she sought to change and become what is necessary for the Sentinels: by Gorgo, Mormo, Thousand Faced Moon she took on her destiny and embraced the gift of death given to her by her father. A vial of poison.

Vial in hand, she spoke the words familiar to that of a wise old man:
"I hear the wind blowing across the desert and I see the moons of a winter night rising like great ships in the void. To them I give my life."

Enthralled by animus and anima surrounded by the Sentinels, she drank from the vial of poison with the desire to become as others in the past had - seeking to become half shade. Without remorse, refusing all earthly comforts of family and kin, she drank what was to become her end, and silently she fell to the winds of the desert.

Such fates are not ours to determine as we mere mortals can only embrace what is to come. The Sentinels now rest not in lament of our sovereign, as Tarantula of the desert we wait for the moment to act. The Sentinels stand vigilant by the Rajj's tent awaiting and embracing what is to come to pass.

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With the Sentinels standing their vigilant guard over their Leader, a change began to be a apparent in Peace. Her corpse was undergoing a strange metamorphosis. It was changing, ever so slowly before their eyes. Those paying their respects looked on in complete awe at the sight of the transformation. Whispers began to drift in the air, thoughts of what her fate was to become. Was Peace becoming a half-shade like her Father, or something else?

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My theory on Peace's Transformation:

The Traveler was in the graveyard with the Shade Sentinel. The Shade Sentinel did not see the Traveler, but the Traveler saw the Shade Sentinel.

They merged forms, and became an orb. A byproduct of this was the Shade Sentinel dropped, or left behind, a white cube.

The orb became white and drifted towards Deathmarrow, and has been there for over five weeks. Its low vibration had been more or less been ignored for some time.

Peace sacrificed herself, as noted above. She drank the vial of poison, which was filtered through the blood of Khalazdad the Black.

Now we have Peace's lifeforce stripped from her body, and a corpse left behind, guarded at the Howling Gates. But the orb at Deathmarrow, somewhat forgotten, has suddenly become alive with more activity than ever. And the reason for this? Food. The orb has absorbed Peace's life-force, and is beginning to complete its cycle.

In what manner can most eggs be physically described? As a white orb. And what happens when an egg completes its cycle? It hatches. So with these thoughts pieced together and laid out, it's my theory that Peace will be reborn as the child of the Traveler and Shade Sentinel.

Discuss. Alternate ideas encouraged!

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alternate idea:
the white orb is the shades natural enemy, and is out to get Peace

since she died, Peace has left the realm of 'living beings' (whatever this means in these days of utmost stupid creations runnign around the realms) and turned into a shade like Khalazdad, with the option to return to 'our' realm in a body and turn into a half-shade by the force of her and her friends' spirits, as anything you believe into can become real in MD.

the Orb, who already absorbed Shade Sentinel, is now out to get the the latest Shade, Peace, and vanquish her shade-part forever in a white cube (why white, not black? because shades are not dark, just different, and in their essence, they could as well be white as black or purple) like he did with the Sentinel.
This idea is backed up by Khalazdad's white cube, where parts of his soul were imprisoned while he was the Black, cubes can contain souls, life, spirits, whatever you want to put into them.

so i guess the Orb sensed Peace with its predator skills and is now on his way to Peace to get done with her and the shades in general unless someone does something against that.

i would therefore suggest that you find a way to resurrect Peace ASAP, cause if the orb acts in the way i described, Peace' soul might be lost forever if the orbs gets her before we do.
The Golemus Wizard knew how to drag spirits from other realms into ours, for instance, which might be helpful in this case...
but idk if there are people left who know how to do that trick, 'cept for Akasha maybe...

or maybe a sacrifice will be needed, like in the instance at the House of Liquid Dust...

but of course that's all just theories, and it might work in totally other ways XD

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I would give my condolences but this in not a matter in which they are needed...instead I leave these wrods to ease everyones mind.

"What lives must die and what Dies must Live."

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