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Rebirth Of Savelites


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The Savelites Church was founded by Savelfuser and group of his worshipers
They were are peaceful alliance, but not defenseless, they grew into a strong, respectful community of Loreroot.

In time Savelfuser, The Great Ghost, stopped appearing in the realm until he was no more... Soon the other great ones of the Church was gone... The Church became a pray of power-thirsty people...
Not much passed, and The Church was taken by White Reaper, old member of the Savelites, who passed control to his friend King Bull.
In that period Savelites were rather inactive until The Pirate Lord, called Cryxus, took the Church in order to receive a ransom... After several days, the one called Raven managed to capture the Church from Cryxus and it was given to King Bull again...
But that was not even near the end, during the war of Golemus against Loreroot Grido succeeded overthrowing previous leaders, Grido who was and still is the second man of Golemus, declaring he wants to fix the Church and that his presence would be temporary.

That's when I decided it's my time to act and try restoring previous state of the Church. Long have I been watching as my Church lies in ruins...
After conversations with Grido, I convinced him to pass me the control of the Savelites Church, after he tests my skills...
Now I walk as Grand Master of the Church, guiding new souls to the Church and purifying them, defending our sacred lands of Loreroot. My monks pray for Savelfuser's second walk among the living
There is only one Savelfuser!

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