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Creature Idea For Gg

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(First topic closed due to clutter, and insignificant posts XD)

[size="2"]If anyone would like to try to draw the creatures that would be very helpful. I would love that. You may draw the way you want to though I would like you to go with my guidelines (in the descriptions).[/size]

Overall-I'd like to create a new type of crit for GG. Ideas and comments are welcomed to help improve the creature. I would like to improve the descriptions. Honostly I believe init is a powerful stat especially when combined with high attack. Which is what I'm trying to do here.

^New Creature Idea for Necro. I would like you all to look on that topic as well and give me your opinions.

Toy Soldier
des-A half sized human-like machine equiped with nothing but its bare metal hands. Make it look colorful though. Maybe faded paint on it and a uniform you would expect a toy soldier to have. XD

game des-This machine probes the beaches of GG mindlessly searching for forms of life. It will attack anything it finds and has a new type of attack that could be useful to you if you train it well. It can be used in strategic rituals for deadly effect and will destroy any single creature that wanders in its path.

Attack- Attack x2 (will attack 2 times and can attack the same creature until it uses up its attacks for the round)
Target-Single (random slot)

Recruiting Costs:

Tin Paladin
des-It is sleeker and smoother but it is less shiny than the platinum warrior. It is painted and looks newer than its former self. Hm... lets see. It should have a sword too.

game des-This creature looks somewhat like a child's toy. A lost machine from an unknown place in the GG island. Searching now for more than targets it seeks out a master to replace perhaps the child that once used it. It is still not loyal to you yet.

Attack- Attack x2 (will attack 3 times and can attack the same creature until it uses up its attacks for the round)
Target-Single (random slot)

Upgrade to this level cost:
Metallic Bauble Soldier
des-Shiny and sleek. It holds a sword and a shield. It has a full suit of armor making it look like a real warrior despite it being a machine.

game des-This machine takes on the form of a knight in shining armor. It is powerful and its life force can be felt by you and your enemies as it fights. It can be used against enemies with high initiative and speed for quick fights and striking down your enemies with deadly blows. It will grow stronger from here.

Aura-solder line aura (has a 50% chance of going first no matter what the init)
Machine Clutter-The creature will get in the way of other toy soldier levels and will take down the soldier line aura and cut the init in half with a 25% chance of attacking the other soldier in friendly creature slots. .

attack x 2 (attacks 2 times in a random slot)

Combat moves:

Upgrade to this level cost:
Platinum Plated Warrior
des-A more sleek version of the former level. It carries two swords now instead of shield. It is supposed to look much more powerful

game des-This machine is now much more powerful. It will only seek out your enemies and is under your command. It can attack multiple times. Its life force within the suit of armor glows as it fights for you and can attack many more times with higher effectiveness. Its growth is complete.

Solder Line aura-This creature has a 51% chance of going first no matter what the init unless higher levels of this creature are present. It is very fast.
Machine Clutter-The creature will get in the way of other toy soldier levels and will take down the soldier line aura (if used to attack) and cut the init in half with a 25% chance of attacking the other soldier in friendly creature slots.
Morale-Gives a 50% init boost to all friendly creatures

Attack- Attackx3 (will attack 3 times any random enemy slot. May target the same slot more than once. Will not attack further if it kills a creautre.)
Target-Single (random slot)
init-0 (this init stat is for the 50% chance it doesn't go first)

Combat moves:

Cost to upgrade to this level:

I believe I am done adding different powers, stats, and moves to the creatures. Though if you find anything you would definitely want to change please post. Most posts are appreciated when they are directly about the creature. I now want to change around names and descriptions which I will be doing shortly. Suggestions for these things are appreciated.

Please vote on the poll. :P Thank you

Thank you guy. I agree and was thinking about just giving 0 init and letting the soldier line aura doing all the work.
init for final level-0

Yay :P Means a lot coming from my master. Thanks Jester ;)

I am so glad people are using the poll. Very happy that I made this new topic. But if you say it needs improvements please tell where and why. That would help very much. Thank you :P

Burns the lone entity simply means that it will go out on its own if the aura kicks in. It won't kill itself either XD. (pretty much what it would do without the lone entity thingy)

Oh yeah and the VE is average. Not too high not too low. The point of the creature is not to take hits. But to attack first whenever possible. Though since it can martyr I figured it would have at least 2000 ve on the max level. Anyone feel like the VE should be changed? If so please comment.

Oh and I'm going to add costs for the first level and upgrading. Just for fun. But please feel free to comment on this (probably a creature most mp4s can get to the third level. A few mp4s could get to the max level. Most mp5s should be able to max. mp3s would have a hard time getting past the second level.)

Hm... Why don't I just take that out to avoid confusion? LOL, I'm not sure why I put it there.
Lone entity taken out

I'm glad someone thinks that I could add a little power. After all, the stats weren't the thing that made it overpowered in the first place.
Attack went from 85-120 (big difference though I am still thinking of maybe making the attack power 100 or something and giving it a fourth hit. That would be more effective though I'm content with leaving it at 120 attack and 3 hits. If anyone has anything to say about this please do so.)

Nex I added power. I forgot to put that stat after adding martyr. Thank you very much :D Though I gave the last level 65 power because it already has the soldier line aura. If anyone believes that I could add power then please say so. I am thinking of bumping it up like 10 stats. But I don't want it to be more powerful than the tree of course. Martyr plus soldier line aura? Pretty good already.

Don't forget to vote on the poll. Directing your friends and other people to this forum to vote would be awesome as well. I would appreciate that. Comments are just as good.

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I'm surprised, you actually managed (in my opinion) to take a hugely overpowered and not well thought out creature and make it into an interesting one. Personally I don't really care for the idea of a toy soldier, but well done.

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i'm missing an outline about the crits VE...

but it looks good now, the old one was insanely overpowered XD
would you care to elaborate on teh lone entity? i think i fail to understand that... will it kill itself when there are no other creatures in your rit? if so, how does the second sentence fit in?

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the way i understood it, it means that if this aura kicks in the soldier will attack first and "fall out" of the usual attack order, rather than going again in the same round whithin the attack order.
if that's the case, i think the aura does actually nothing. (it could be coding-wise necessary to check if the aura was activated to ensure the attack order isn't messed up by it, but it has no "function" as in battle effect or strategy)

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off-topic: why do they all steal my ideas?! =P

on-topic: ahh, now i get the aura, thanks^^

i think the last level is a bit underpowered, though...
give it either a tiny bit more attack, like 120-140, or a 4th hit imo...

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