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Newbie Guide...<>


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ok...im new and was looking for info on what to do and couldnt really find it so im starting this page...

basically ive passed MP2 which is mostly some fights with NPCs"id like to say keep the first monster u buy at begining" i forget exact spot u can buy,use the chat window to ask others if there around...if u dont like the choices of monsters keep them anyways as u can still sacrfifice them later(MP3 choice)this is better known by advance players that i hope post views...

also i made the mistake of thinking i couldnt revive my monsters,(remember to check monster list after there dead to revive them)

other then that...i would just like to know where at MP3 i should go...what monsters i can get and whats best way to advance...

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Hm... Look around Marind Bell and the Aramory in no mans land. Check your map -_-

Should be easy enough. Train your creatures, even out experience, try not to give too much experience to one creature unless you need it to upgrade, experiment with rituals, and try to get wins over experience. That is the best way for an mp3 to go and advance to mp4.

Tip-After big battles rest a bit. Don't massattack people and kill them all. Just don't do it. Very bad for personal exp :P

(Take this the way you want. I'm not telling you to do the things I suggested. You can try to let them help you or experiment on your own :D)

Fill up your creatures lots too. There is no real reason to have lots of them empty. You will need age on your creatures so just leave them there even if you don't use them. You could leave 1 creature slot empty for other things but try to keep them full.

Thats all I have to say :D

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[quote name='Guybrush Threepwood' date='16 July 2009 - 08:39 AM' timestamp='1247701149' post='37173']
I suggest asking around in game, that's the idea for this game. Shouldn't be too hard to find someone to give you some advice.
you know, if you're going to bother and post a reply, you might as well have posted some short tips instead of a variation of RTFM.

how would you feel if you ask for help and you are pointed somewhere else even though you know that person you asked for help from know what the answer is?

it's f&*!ng rude and irritating. if you're bothering to answer, then answer instead of saying something like: follow my finger idiot. i'm pointing there.

he's here in the forums exactly because he can't find it in-game. some ppl like to use forums instead of asking around in-game, some like asking in-game. is it a crime to use the forums and ask around here?

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because the forums would be severly overflowed within a day if we decided that all newbie-questions go to the forum...

imagine that: veterans stop giivng hints in chat, because it's already there on the forums, and just give the link, how are the newbies supposed to ask ack to get more information? or if they don't get what we say because they lack english-skills?

if they all open up a new thread for their old questions, we'll be severly pissed off after a week, and then the threads will be closed, or simply redirected to the topic where the questions have already been answered...

and once the mods do that, the 'normal player-base' will start disliking the mods for doing their job, which is keeping the forum clear and easy to follow instead of the jungle of 20 threads per question which would inevitably come up -.-

so, no, on this occassion, Guy is right, whatever you want to know, ask in-game and get live help for the current problem, and don't spam the forums with it...

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dont fight please...really i just dont have alot of time to ask around in game and wait for someone to un AFK to answer...which is why i made the Title Newbie guide since i had trouble finding 1...

also thx for answering my questions, thought i was missing something but guess the other monsters cost credits.
please no more fighting on this post, only help and suggestions which i think were covered...

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with other PC's?

if you mean other players, there is a CTC at the bottom of each creature viewer, and near the top of the main creature page there is a link to a page where you can use those codes to get the creature

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