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The Jester


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[u][i] [b]People of the realm, hear me:[/b][/i][/u]

the Savelites open a special spot in there alliance for the craziest and funnyest of u all

all that want to participate to for the role of ROYAL JESTER and who wants to preach the savelites way in "out of this world" way, should know this:

-use all u know to do everything u want, with no restricions (exept for obscenity and things that could be confused with rasism of any kind: color, religion, ethnic group etc.),

-make fun and play practical jokes on youre felow players

-send youre funniest thing u have done (past or present) to one of this players: PRINC RHAEGAR or ANUBARAK

-prove youre jest by making us know youre victim (she must recognize u as the prankster)

-you must tell us AT LEAST FIVE jokes about GG alliance or MR Fraternity...

-if you manage to prank MRD or Yrthilian, you will get special points in our eyes and there's a big chance you will win the contest!

-every joke against Loreroot alliances or members is strictly forbiden!!! this is only for the contest (the winer will be permited to make fun of anybody as long as hi wante it)

it will be only one winner (no second place) and hi will get a joker as a reward and a place in oure alliance

WORNING once declaire the winner u will not quite the alliance for at least 9 mounts, or else u will be cluberd by all members till youre end of days :P

the winner and his did's will be posted on this page folowed by the most comic acts and jokes

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I'm going to kill whomever wins this. Unless it turns out I like them, and then we should hang out and make fun of stuff. But try to steal my job... *shakes fist angrily in a random direction*

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there is no jester but Jester and he is the jester
there is no jestification but jesteriffic jestification and it is jesteriffic
hail [s]Eris[/s] Jester

[quote]-every joke against Loreroot alliances or members is strictly forbiden!!![/quote]
ahhhmmm.... yeah. the jester, generally the only figure in state who is free to speak the unveiled truth, is not supposed to make fun of his court? seems to me you are looking for a jokester rather than a jester. there are certain standarts you know :P


seriously, i think the idea itself is a nice one.

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the social pressure of constantly having to be witty, funny and imaginative is too much for most it seems ;)

while with new players you always run the risk of them quitting soon after, ([i]especially[/i] if they are clubbed to death if they neglect their jesterly duties :P) i nonetheless agree that it might be a good idea to post about the contest in places like paper cabin, winds sanct and dojo.

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