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M B: Seeker Of Lockets

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[center][b]Tag: Seeker of Lockets [/b]
Description: A researcher of mysterious artifacts that have gone missing throughout the ages [/center]

When the land of MD had made its 21st circle around the sun in his life, Fenrir found himself the only remaining Greycloth of his family line. Fenrir was raised by his paternal grandfather, Vallis Greycloth; the Court Sorcerer. His parents had vanished without a word, though there were rumors in the court and some were nasty indeed. Fenrir did not like the one about how his grandfather had sired him upon his mother and there have been blood shed over it.

Vallis took it upon himself to leave the court in order to remain at home with the boy and raise him properly .His idea of proper was considered old-fashioned, but Fenrir learned diplomacy, courtesy, combat skills both magical and mundane. Once the boy proved himself capable, Vallis turned his mind to other pursuits.

Some say it was those that caused his demise leaving a trail of blood over the family estate. Vallis left all his fortune and the secrets of the Greycloth estate to the young Fenrir, who up to this point was sheltered away from things he should not know.

Naturally, once the funeral garments were cast aside Fenrir decided to investigate his fortune. He secretly hoped he would uncover the mystery behind his parent’s demise.

Most of the estate held mundane items, those he could use he kept. Those he could not, he sought out charities to take what they needed and sell what remained until all there was left was his grandfather`s study.

Vallis` study had been magically enhanced to keep the servants away, most didn`t know it was there and would avoid that area. It was for their own protection; Fenrir knew and approved of this. Some things were not meant to be public knowledge and yet, these things were now his.

Excitement flew through him as he sent the mundanes out for the day, not sharing his plans with the household staff he shut the door and searched the study. There were books, some old, some in languages not still spoken whispering secret promises if only he could understand. Papers, a few odd photographs, including one of his parents with a dark shadow looming in the background. It had to have been taken near the time right before they disappeared. They had only disappeared!

Vallis would say if they were dead and Vallis would have known. Some artifacts on cluttered shelves, it appeared that grandfather`s neat tendencies did not follow him here. It made Fenrir smile to think of a man that was more God than man...as more...reachable, real and not the distant sorcerer that he appeared to be.

When he was done he had sorted everything into piles. Some to keep and more for the charities, once he dispelled their charms, of course. No need to create bad will with the Goodwill. He savored every memory until there was one item left to explore...an old Iron Chest.

Iron was sacred to the masters of Luado and Fenrir could feel a tingle of anticipation as he wondered what could be so valuable to be so hidden. Iron was easier to spell and it kept certain influences away by its very nature. The bands of the chest alone would by him two of his grandfather`s stables alone!

The intricate artwork moved as if the box breathed, it was as if they were the only two living things in the room. Would opening it break the spell of such a wonderful work of art? No, grandfather`s magic was always functional, but never this beautiful.

The seal had the crest of the family line and the pictographs told a story that stretched back to the start of the Greycloth legacy. It was a shame he didn`t have the time to study it all. Fenrir made the decision to open it. It was indeed beautiful, but to keep it closed would be more of a crime than opening it. Inside the smooth walls hummed with a flowing golden light. If the iron was worth the stables, that lining had to be worth the entire estate, especially if it had been magiked to live past Vallis` lifetime.

The light flicked away as if calling his attention to a small locket of iron surrounded by six deep impressions surrounding it. Six? What was missing from this case? Did the servants? No...Placing the locket around his neck, another decision made.

The glow from the box dissipated. The mates to this one must be found, either they would reveal their secrets or be destroyed.

Edited by Fenrir Greycloth
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