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Greetings all, I'm a returned player.

My problem is that my memory is VERY bad (I had to search for a list of browser based games to find this, because I forgot what it was called).

My question would be, in your opinions, would it be better to continue my old character, or create a new one so I have the advantage of hearing the tutorial again, and knowing what I have done so far?

Thanks for the help!!


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it might be worthwhile going through the tutorial again, yes, although if you ask around, there are plenty of people who will help you get back on your feet in the game if you continue with your old account

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you can do both :D

however, i'd think that after a long absence it would be better to create a totally new char, unless you still feel related to your old name/story or have valueable things on your old acc... like creatures with huge age =D

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  • Root Admin

Yes creating a new account would probably be nesscary so you learn again. but your creatures will have huge age so dont forget your other account

Welcome Back

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