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The Guardians Of The Root.

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[b]Purpose and Goals of the Guardians[/b]

While the forest itself has no need of mortal interference, there is always the threat of such interference. Thus, the Guardians’ goal is to protect the forest from the depredations of others.
The Guardians are the protectors of the forest. They have a symbiotic relationship with the forest. They protect and nurture it as it protects and nurtures them.

Like the trees and the animals within, the Guardians have a place and a role. They must live harmoniously with the forest, maintaining a balance. For that which is taken, something must be returned.

The Guardians watch everything within the forest borders. For, more than anyone else, those that dwell in the forest must show care and respect. This makes the duties of the Guardians manifold. They must stand against outsiders intent on bringing harm to the forest. They must police its inner self and make sure that balance and order are maintained.

Guardians enjoy the beauty of the forest and nature. They have respect for its power, too. A Guardian understands that, as water can bring life, so too can it be the cause of death and destruction. For too much water can drown plants and animals, wash away soil and uproot even the mightiest tree or wall. Fire can create warmth, scour dead growth and promote new life, or burn away forest and animal life in wild abandon. Too much or too little of any element can spell disaster. While a Guardian may appear docile or placid at times, remember that the mightiest rivers often flow from many small and gentle streams.

[b]Demeanour of a Guardian[/b]

A Guardian’s primary concern is the welfare of the forest. Therefore they will seek to avoid actions that could result in harm coming to the forest. Guardians are very protective of their home and kin though, so any that seek to harm those had best be wary.

The forest and nature shape a Guardian’s mind, body and spirit. To a Guardian, emotions are a reflection of nature and vice versa. Guardians associate the elements with their emotions. Thus, water is seen as a calming influence, earth is associated with steadfastness and creativity, air with freedom and inspiration, fire with impulsiveness, anger and rage, and spirit with the connection between the inner self and the greater world and other less tangible ideas.

Guardians recognise that they often exhibit one or more elements in their behaviour over others. Thus, Sage and Windy are seen as fiery; Mya on the other hand is more like water and has a gentle calming influence on many. The goal of a Guardian is to acknowledge and balance the elements of their personality. As balance of the elements is the key in nature, so too is it the key for the self.

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