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This is where the Advertisers will place the types of ads we make.

If online games are like books then MagicDuel can be likened to the classic Choose Your Own Adventure books!
MagicDuel's background story gives player's various options on how to proceed.Some story path may lead you to new areas of the realm or some, perhaps, to your demise.
But whichever road you will take, the story will hold you
captivated and will make you eager to see what will happen next!

BUT unlike the Choose your own Adventure books, which is still limited despite the options it gives, and unlike any other book for that matter, MagicDuel has taken it to the next level by having an INTERACTIVE STORY line commonly know to its players as the Adventure Log.

Players don't just play the game and get lost in this fantasy world, they CAN actually contribute to the development of the game's story through their actions and decisions. Real players affecting the game!

The possibilities are infinite and the only limitation is one's imagination!

Want a good story book? Try www. magicduel.com

2. You see a lumbering beast chained in an aramory and you wonder what it's doing there. You heard a loud shrill
as a majestic bird soars to the sky and heard tales of the savage hunter that preys the great forest. These are but 3 of the many exotic creatures that infest the land of Magicduel.

In Magicduel, creatures play an important role in the game. You train them to fight your battles for you. They are in effect your army. They all have different powers and abilities and can be evolved or upgraded to make an even more powerful creatures. This is the key to winning - training and understanding what your creature's can do in a fight. Put creatures in a right ritual and you can even defeat the mightiest of foe. This is a game where any noob can defeat an old player!

Be a creature tamer and unleash your army of upon your foes @ www.magicduel.com

Want to be a knight weilding great swords saving damsels in distress? or an angel fallen from grace? maybe a lad/lady in search for fortune/love? or how about a goat protecting a humble tree? no? then perhaps an evil Overlord out to enslave everyone?

In Magicduel, you can be anything you want to be - from lowly squirrels to majestic kings to celestial beings of godly proprotions. You can even be a dancing penguin if you wish! The possibilities are simply infinite and the only real limitation is your own imagination!

So join and experience Magicduel's amazing community of role-players and live out your fanstasy self @ www.magicduel.com

Sure it's not 3D but you can be assured that MD's original high quality artworks will leave you breathless and wanting! The fascinating artworks give authenticity to the land, which no 3D can ever hope to achieve.
It has a ceratin feel of antiquity, of lore, of mystery and of magic! The game world is indeed palpable. One can almost feel the breeze brushing through your skin in the Winds Sanctuary or the smell of the majestic trees of Loreroot.

And if you think that you can draw really well and your style matches that of Magicduel, you might find yourself a part of the Artisans Guild, wherein your very own drawings can be used in the game as Avatars . Not only you will be credited for the job, have an audience for your masterpieces, have an avatar that best suits your ingame character but also be rewarded for it!!!

So, see, smell, hear, taste and feel the magic of the land @ www.magicduel.com

Do you have a curious mind? Do you have an eye for details? Do you have what it takes to uncover secrets? How much are you willing to sacrifice to learn the truth that the few holds so precious. MagicDuel breathes secrets and mysteries! And what's interesting is that they are not hidden, they are in plain sight! Teasing, enticing, coaxing your mind to unravel them!

You see in Magicduel everything is not as they seem. A statue of old, known to many, may hide a road to perdition, a barren Tree, loved and loathed, may bloom in colors one day or A gazebo in the center, full of chattering people, may bring you closer anywhere. The land is full of secrets and mysteries waiting to be revealed. And though the path to discovery may be long and arduous, the journey will forever change you. And know that in MagicDuel, it is not the answers to the questions that matters but the other way around.

So I ask you again, do you have what i takes to uncover secrets? Do you have the right mind and atttiude? Rise to the challenge and discover the secrets @ www.magicduel.com

In my search for something to do online during one of my many boring hours, I have stumbled upon the most amazing find of the century! I came upon the land of MagicDuel. The moment I saw the site, BAM! I knew right then and there that it was the one I'm looking for - the one that will turn all those boring idle time to an extraordinary addictive magical experience online!

MagicDuel is unlike any other game I have played before - be it online or console. Magicduel's all original high-quality artwork makes the land so believable, real and palpable. The gameplay is sheer genius! It is so unique and complex that it will leave you astounded and will drive you to want to uncover its many secrets. The background story is both intriguing and compelling. The community is simply amazing and provides great support.This is the game wherein any player can affect and change the game world. It is alive and constantly evolving! And best of all, it's FREE!

MagicDuel is truly a one of a kind game and indeed a class on its own! I could go on and on raving about MagicDuel but I know mere words won't convice anyone. What I've written does not justify the greatness that is MagicDuel. So I DARE YOU! See for yourself and take the plunge @ www.magicduel.com. and BE PREPARE TO BE AWED!

"Excitedly reaching out to touch the flames, Alche’s body is immediately extinguished. Without any waning, a brave man’s very being is reduced to a pile of dust. A sudden gust of wind blows through the opening, and sends the dust up into the air, and outwards onto the breeze. The ashes spread into different air pockets, and a small amount comes to rest in each of the pyramids...."

"...Each of Alche's new existences senses a different angle on the world around him. An echoing voice reaches all parts of Alche's being, and he knows that he has become encapsulated in the thing he was striving to reach. Alche is at one with the principles, and as such can migrate between them, whilst also manipulating the principles of others. He may never hold the book now but instead will be part of it for all eternity..." -excerpts taken from the Adventure Log

Will the elusivel Book of Principles, believed to be a great power source that can change the whole MagicDuel, be ever found? Does it really exist? Maybe it's waiting for the right person? Maybe it's waiting for YOU? Discover the secrets and Join us in the search @ www.magicduel.com

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MagicDuel is a browser mmorpg based on strategy, story lines, and magic.

ONE OF A KIND GAME consisting of PvP fighting, Original artworks, User friendly interface, many one of a kind creatures, Chat log, Interactive story line, Many Quests and puzzles, An amazing community, LIVE HELP Operators available 24/7, Advanced fighting system, and many more things waiting to meet u once u start playing!

This game is always being updated and changed. In this game, with the right strategy and creatures. ANY NOOB can beat even the oldest player!

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[quote name='Jester' date='07 August 2009 - 03:29 PM' timestamp='1249684160' post='38933']
ANY NOOB (with a ton of money) can beat even the oldest player!

that's more accurate.
of course it is that is y people still beat me non stop =b

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Where can I find real ads, like banner ads? I need a 125x125 ad and a 300x300 ad. I'm getting them posted on http://boxedindesign.com for 1 month for free! Nice.

If you do a search for banners in the forum there are several posts with MD banners we can use. By the way isn't that your site....lol.


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  • 1 year later...

i saw a person sporting an MD banner on his signature here in the forum. may i know what is the url of that banner? and also urls of other campaign materials that are available to use. since i have extra time to do so, and promised myself not to mind and waste my time on those neg-rep'ing bollocks, i volunteer to use those stuffs for MD promotions on other sites to gain exposure, and to recruit potential players.

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This is smartalekrj's one

the way i find the link is right click on it and view image
that give me the link for the image.
If there are other players with banners you could do the same and
find the link for the banner.

I suggest clicking on the link below and the copying the link
as the forums shortens it.


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[quote]i saw a person sporting an MD banner on his signature here in the forum. may i know what is the url of that banner?
and also urls of other campaign materials that are available to use. since i have extra time to do so, and promised myself
not to mind and waste my time on those neg-rep'ing bollocks, i volunteer to use those stuffs for MD promotions on other
sites to gain exposure, and to recruit potential players.[/quote]

The link is this: [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/347-help-us-grow/"]http://magicduel.inv...7-help-us-grow/[/url]

However, you must have the approval of the Council before doing any project. I recommend you to organize your ideas and then
send them to the Council asking a yes or no.


[quote name='Grido' timestamp='1291210406' post='73970']
That is an old banner though, can't think how old, not really sure i'd consider it an ongoing quest currently

It's very old, according to the forum post it's from 2007.

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