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One Of My Riddles On Yahoo Answers.com

Metal Bunny

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A very kind and helpful person (name not to be divulged) pm'd me regarding a riddle of mine... being posted on yahoo answers, where the askers is simply asking for the answer...


Bad Idea

Really, really bad idea.

The person who did it is under /suspicion/ but that is only because I have no real hard evidence, except for that the fact that the question itself got removed shortly after the suspected cheater send me the answer.
There were only 2 people who send me the answer, which were exactly the same.
The person who told me that it was on yahoo answers and the person who send it to me first a couple of days ago.

So the person who send it to me first, yeah, you're "under suspicion", but that basically means that you're it. (but I won't give the cheater's name)

Bad Idea. Next one I catch trying to cheat his way through my riddles like that, will not be 'suspected', you will be outright disqualified from my quests forever.

I am letting this dude go, for now, with some stuff on his log. Because, maybe, now just maybe, he didn't know that yahoo was cheating...

So now you know, asking others the answer to the riddle, in any form whatsoever, that is cheating.
Next person is screwed.
Screwed as in; bend over boy! screwed.

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Wow, I should read the forums more often.

A few hours ago I sent you an answer based on the Yahoo answers one, accompanied by a note that it was from Yahoo answers. Please forgive me!

It's really a shame; that was a really good riddle.

I can be fairly confident that I know the name of the person who reported it, as I probably discussed the issue with her via PM.

Hmm, I hope you have some other riddles in store :D

The rules, of course, are clear. No collaboration. Googling isn't collaborating. Asking for answers is.

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