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Ive been contemplating the idea of setting up a new server for a radio station, and someone who will be known for the sake of this as "Mango" suggested that I make it for MD...
What I would like to know what are people's thoughts on something like this, also would anyone be interested in participating in it for a test phase?

Post your Qualms, Suggestions, Complaints, Flames and other thoughts that you may have...

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this is like opening business that is providing tons of goods to market for which market has no demands, resulting in big failure of business

ya wanna create online radio for 400 active players?
how much of them would be even interested in opening that radio and listening to it at least 2h per day, each day
what it would be on that radio, news from md? all daily news in which most of players are interested can be told in 5 mins, md educational part? ya can use half a hour per day for that and after month ya will be repeating yourself, if not sooner, radio must be running 24/7 becoz we have players all over world, so wots other content? md related content would be less than 1 hour, so 23h just pure music... k how ever ya wish but then its not md radio :o

conclusion if ya will have more than 5 listeners to radio at given time consider it HUGE success, equal to becoming gm :)
ya wont get enough personel as well as not enough contents to cover all this, lol look mdnp was getting out monthly and they had wot? not so big section of news, commeniting history events, entertainment part, ritual tips, and thats more or less it, and look now, they are gone last 3 months no new edition came out

if newspapers which were getting out once per month with only 10 pages cant cover their pages with quality news, then how in the hell will radio survive?!?!?!?

sure i would support this idea if md had 250k players and 10k rpcs, but like this.... radio??? for who??

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First off, I know I can have more than 5 listeners for sure, due to black mailing :o

But that aside, there are many creative people in MD, the main news related to md, wouldn't encompass much, the actual main issue I see with a project like this would be from language barriers, but it would give people just another open form of expression along with free advertising aside from just people entertained. Most of the really addicted people are stat grinders who look for exterior entertainment along side from just md. Granted there would be music and repeat shows (like 99% of all radio stations) . So I would suppose that the acutal md related content would be limited for starters, but with any pilot project the start is small, and with anything MD related only certain people will actually hold interest I don't expect the entire community to jump up and grab at the idea and love it or even listen, There are loads of quest out there for people to do doesn't mean everyone does them, there's combat, but not every does combat... etc.... If there is enough interest in any given project related to md I see no reason not to follow through with it unless there is a direct reason not to :). This is merely another facet for the MD society as a whole to come embrace share and enjoy.

"Mango" says, when confused, slap your butt.
"Mango" also says....eat your greens.

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YOU! The focus of the general talking would be about the people of md, commentary on the events major and minor, philosophical discussions (mind you that may or may not be there based on the test audience), What it would more less boil down to is people having conversations they they would normally have outside of md related to md only, it would be people who are much more interesting than most (unless you count my involvement :o ). Humor would be the key to it, as with most sucessful radio shows you need a healthy does of humor pertaining to things that people can relate to. Sure you can listen to anyone about how Grido shot first, but if they don't manage to tell it in a way that is somewhat humorous (one of the main facets of entertainment) then there isn't much point therin even talking to said person. Also One of the obvious ones, would be character and player interviews, now I separate the tow because with most people these things don't exactly go hand in hand. A chance to put a voice to the characters we all know and.. may or may not like.. And we musn't forget there would be contests and competions where people can win free stuff, and who doesn't like free stuff?

"Mango" says - having a few extra voice in your head is always a bonus
"Mango" says - the alternative is buying a cat. (thats not a good thing)

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sounds good... is there gonna be music with it as well and then like 1/2 hour segments with "interviews" with players or whatever? which would be repeated several times throughout that day because indeed there are players from all over the world.

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Yes they would be repeated based off a few programs I already use for automation on my other stations. The intervals would be based on relative times zones and length of specific segments along with the amount of people available to participate in the project, once there is enough interest I'll provide detailed information for all who wish to participate.

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i like the idea to an extent. It would be great for the long term players to get a voice out. Just not sure how many newcomers would tune in. I always thought interviews with players would be a good concept for the mdnewspaper. With how busy they are and the infrequency of the paper the radio has an interesting twist to it

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It is a good idea indeed but I must agree with chewett.It would require painstakingly huge amounts of time to create and get running.
What you really need to think about are'

1)How will it be set up?- From the MD toolbar or via a seperate website?

2)Permanant "Djs" you can't just have random people selected each day, even if that DID work then the flow would soon dry up.

3)The main person you should talk to is Mur.He is the owner of all copyright and trademark rights so it would be up to him if you could create it or not.

4)Like Chewett said the topics would start to repeat, which in ways is good for young players but bad for old players.So you will always be relying on new players to tune in.

5)What would it be mainly?A music site-if so there are probably copyright issues there also.Topics in MD? General chat?

6)How would it work is the biggest question? :D .How do you get people from all over the world to talk in one place?Or is it going to be chat based like MD?Also how would it be broadcasted?

Oh and this is just a personal thought but if you are using a free station website then it would not be as safe, reliable or as good in general than one you pay for.You would have to check the website for virsuses ect ect.You don't want hundreds of peoples computors breaking down...do you?

Sorry to try and spoil all of this :P

I have already said yes to the idea on poll because I would like to give it a try.
It might be fun :))


(P.s Im not always this grumpy :blink: )

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1 - It would be based off a separate site one of my servers.

2 - There are a few peoplet thats being worked on, it depends on if others wish too If not I can get others from my other Stations to fill in temporarily

3 - Its and outside project being opened to those in MD, given that discussion of properties, is not illegal that is a non issue

4 - I think you may need to learn how to read...

5 - I have full licensing ( non issue)

6 - Those details will be addressed to the people participating in the project as prior, as for how people listen, Either by url built in or in the media program of their choice. You seem to mis-understand the concept of radio.. and the internet..

Because you seem to be bad at reading I will repeat myself, It will be hosted on one of my servers. Not through some Random website.

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I'm going to say I wouldn't like it for one reason:

I have bizarre taste in music, therefore whatever a normal person (or abnormal) would play I probably wouldn't like, so I wouldn't want to listen to a radio with music I don't like.

The interview thing sounds cool... but who are you interviewing, and what do they have to say? Just seems like it will end up being that not many people, if any, want to be recorded and played aloud. I dunno, maybe it's just me.

If you do get the interviews to work, then I would listen to them, and not the radio. Maybe a podcast?


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  • Root Admin

[quote name='awiiya' date='23 August 2009 - 03:13 AM' timestamp='1250993595' post='40023']
If you do get the interviews to work, then I would listen to them, and not the radio. Maybe a podcast?

Now that is something that i would definately listen to. I dont normally have the time always to listen to radio, yet catch up on my favourite shows on podcast.

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i would be interested in helping with this if it would be of any use..... if nothing else in the empty time, you could play a recording of my saying, I am Bored, I am very bored, very very bored, very very very bored... and so on..... till whenever you want me to stop at....... i could easliy do that for a full 2 hours..... not sure wether that is good or not though......

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