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Festival Of Fun


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[center][font="Comic Sans MS"][size="7"]FESTIVAL OF FUN
YEAR 4, #2[/size]

[size="4"]It's time for some fun!

Things been a bit quiet lately? Want to meet more people in game? Want some fun and rewards?

Then take part in Ailith's Festival of Fun! Extra 10% more fun than the original and with added mirth and merriment!

The festival will run from day 258 to 261 and this is the outline:

[size="6"]DAY 258[/size]
[b]16:00 Server time onwards[/b], there will be a mini quest running in RP. I will include people as I travel and there will be puzzles to solve as well as some surprise tasks.
Rewarded players:
First place: The Lost Hero. Awarded a Bloodpact Archer with Token
Second place (and solver of the overall clues): Totenkopf. Awarded my Spell Document

[b]21:00 Server time onwards[/b]

[b][u]MD party central challenge:[/u][/b]

I challenge the players of MD to a 'party off'

Organise an unusual party with your friends, rewards will go to:

Most unusual location

Most creative theme

Most entertaining party games

also random rewards if I see anything else particularly outstanding... I know how creative you all can be :D

NB. This challenge is now open for the remaining time of the festival as I see there are some interesting parties in preparation :)[/size]

[size="6"]DAY 259

[size="4"][b]16:00 server time onwards. [/b]I will randomly place puzzles in clickable items and chat throughout the afternoon.

[b]23:00 server time onwards[/b]

[b]Comedy night
Meet at the great Hall of the Sun to perform your humorous poems, anecdotes and songs. All must be MD themed, and those registering on the funometer will gain rewards.[/size]

**** the last two days of the festival are postponed until further notice ****

[size="6"]DAY 260

**mini quizzes postponed due to meeting :)**

18:00 and 23:00 hours server time at Wind's Sanctuary.

A quiz show style game where players can challenge RPCs to win prizes.

Structure of challenge:

Round One:
You ask five MD general knowledge questions to the chosen RPC

Round Two:
You challenge the RPC to solve three short MD themed riddles

Round Three:
Head to Head. I ask both the player and the RPC a series of ten questions. First to answer gets a point.

Rewards given to players who can successfully challenge their chosen RPC.

Victims *coughs* I mean, volunteers so far are:

Grido, Pamplemousse, Tarquinus, Chewett, Metal Bunny, Raven[/size]

[size="6"]DAY 261

[size="4"][b][u]Search for the lost few:[/u]
There will be a real time RP quest running throughout the afternoon from 16:00 at the Gazebo of Equilibrium. Bring walking boots, a map and compass and some food and drink to keep your mind alert :)

Afterwards, there will be an end of festival costume party at an as yet undisclosed location :D [/size]

Rewards will include silver coins, rare creatures, tokened creatures, spell docs and travel to a holiday destination. A WP might be granted if I see any particularly outstanding contributions to the fun.

See you there!


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