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What Is Magicduel?


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Yar, this list will be updated with people i have recieved answers from and who has gained a reward out of them, for more details on the quest itself, look on the Quest tab in game, or on my Quest document (tab is more reliable and updated). Remember, i accept multiple entries, but only one is rewarded.

I would first of all like to thank you all for your responces, just because i didn't reward them, doesnt mean i didn't like them :).

[b]Not rewarded[/b]
[indent]Anybody (173045)

*Burns* (53832)

Death Ray ( )
[attachment=1548:Death Ray.doc]

Fawe (140392)

I am Bored (38621)
[attachment=1163:I am Bored.txt]

Indyra Sirenias (164102)
[attachment=1167:Indyra Sirenias.txt]

Ladytwin (154584)

Laz (15096)

Ledah (5305)

MRAlyon (135726)

*Princ Rhaegar* (62639)
[attachment=1165:Princ Rhaegar.doc]

Redneck (151251)

Rockistah (164015)

Shadowseeker ( )

Tankfans (55675)

Thrain (16877)

Xavierson (170208)

[indent]Asterdai (10080)

Awiiya (95773) (rewarded)
[attachment=1131:What is MagicDuel.doc]

Emerald Arcanix (134826) (rewarded)
[attachment=1168:Emerald Arcanix.doc]

Karak (42094)

MRD (38385)

Read and assessed all* :)

*except dst who used Wix, and i cant find the link for...

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WP for good good ones, Joker for comical ones, if there's some that i think deserve something but not a WP i'll comeup with something :D

P.S. thoughts by people if i shoud put up the ones that i didnt reward? you might be able to change my mind after all

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hmm...this thread avoided Shadow's mass closing spree....*pats it reassuringly* You ~are~ loved, yes you are.

umm, yeah....*cough*

So...i had no internet the past few days, and i wanted something to do, i looked along my tabs in Firefox (which had network error messages) and saw the tab with this on it, which i've had there for months, to remind me to look at it and, well, finish it, and so, with my many many hours without my precious internet access, i went through each of them and finally decided upon some winners for it.

As a note, last post i made here was 24th September, that's...over 6 months ago....so i wouldnt be suprised if you thought i'd forgotton about this, but no, so HA! and i never forget....never...

Right, so i decided upon winners, that's half the battle, i think....ish...
Because it's been so long since this happened, to save "wasting" WP's, i would ask the winners to message me if they're still around, i'll then give them the WP, i will "owe" the inactive players the WP for if they come back.

[s]LE: Oh, come on...*finds a couple more in his emails* [/s]

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For me the Magicduel it is not a game. It is a way of feeling to the Human leaving. If you are looking deep the Magicduel you can see the BIG meaning by through yourself. You can learn the mistake bad and good learn to handle to forgive and to forget. You can learn also how to cooperate and makes friends all over the world.

Thank you Magicduel, Mur and the others who made this Things awesome

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Who are you? Do you feel restricted and just find it hard to be yourself fully in your real life? I think its time to get in touch with your self. You know that side of yourself that feels that it can do anything try anything. It time for you to become him or her again if just for a minute an hour rediscover your self. You only have so many chances to be the person you want to be don't pass this one up. The only time I feel I can be myself is when I either have an energy drink or I am presenting in one of my classes. Sometimes at a party. I love my second side and I only get to see him every so often. How often do you see your unrestricted side. In magic duel you get in touch not only with other people but your true self no matter how you express it. Everybody can find something that they connect with.

Find the secrets explores the lore find the world of magic duel then instead of simply exploring it build it. Make our world your world by being a tyrant,hero or writer. This is not one persons imagination the world of magic duel is actually created by you.

Edit: whoops browsing wrong topic :blush: I guess this is already over. sorry about opening an old topic :).

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It's not too old a topic, considering i only posted the 6 month late results here recently, but yes, it's over, i left the thread open in case people wanted to discuss the winners

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