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Item Request Process


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So, do you have an item you wish to be crafted?
Then you have come to the right place.

So, how actually do you request items you ask? Here's a little guide to the steps you'll need to do to have an item created.

1. Get a wishpoint
If you remember, when we first entered this realm, we didn't even have a physical body. However, little by little we gained a corporeal form and became bound to the physical realm. The power of a wishpoint is required to give shape to the item that you wish to be created.

2. Gather the ingredients
In order to make an item, you will need to bring us the ingredients that compose that item. There are items whose purpose seem solely waiting to be used to craft another item. Example of such an item can be found [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/5204-logbook-of-raw-material-items/"]here[/url]. You can also use other custom items as an ingredient to make a new item. Do note that if they are used to create another item, they will be part of that item and thus cease to exist (disappear).

3. Request your item
Ask to a member of the Crafters to get your item made.


Q: Can I get an item made without a wishpoint?
A: No, absolutely NO way it can be done. It is hardcoded and you need to have a wishpoint to have an item made.

Q: Really no way?
A: Well.. you can ask someone else with a wishpoint to have the item you want to be made... But s/he has to have a Mark of Creation to request items.

Q: Should I do those steps in order?
A: Not really, it's up to you which one to do first. In fact, it's encouraged to consult the person you wish to request the item from before doing the steps, to make sure the item can be made and to get a picture on what materials are necessary.

Q: What's the difference between a request to the Crafters and to individual item creator?
A: The crafters as a guild are neutral, while individual item creator might not be. During times of war/preparation for a war, requesting to the guild will allow you to get a request done without worry of partiality.
Moreover, most complex items cannot be created by a single item creator alone. By requesting to the guild, you can save yourself the hassle of asking all the needed item creator one by one.

Q: How about items/silver/gold/creatures/favors? Can I skip doing the quest and request items for those kind of payment instead?
A: We do make commissioned requests from time to time, but not often. The price depends on the quality of the item made.

Q: So once I do all the steps, I can have any item made?
A: Not [i]any[/i] item. The more powerful/complex an item is, the less chance of the request being accepted. More powerful/complex item might also require more cost to be made. Remember that items work almost the same as inner magic. Like how more powerful spells require more WP/effort to cast, so does making items.

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