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The Crafters


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The Crafters, formerly known as the Creators, is a guild of people whose role involves creation of various items.

We provide service to the realm by crafting items for their inventory. As the process of creating an item is not an easy task, we are banding together in this guild to share our expertise in creating various different items, and provide the community with a clear place to go to have an item made. The price of our service differs depending on the item requested. We also give out quests from time to time, and rewards the solver with our Mark of Creation, a Crafter Token. Note that the type of items we can create depends on the field of expertise of our members, and to request items from us, you should follow the steps [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/5202-item-request-process/"]here[/url]. For more information about our members, see here (link coming soon).

Our members used to be only those that has an interface ability of creating items, but now we are expanding to include those who just started in the path of item crafting. Just like the artisans, we are an alliance with a Guild role. As such, members of our guild can also be members of other alliances/guilds, although we do demand our members to put our guild at the top of their priority when called upon.

As a guild, we are neutral and will provide our services to everyone. As individuals, however, all members of the Crafters are free people with their own free will, and is not required to maintain neutrality. Our membership is not governed by trivial things such as alliance badges and loyalty points (real loyalty is important, of course!). As such, one can be a member of the Crafters without physically bearing the badge. Ranking is determined by action, skill, and service to the guild, not loyalty points.

If you need our service or is interested in joining our ranks, contact me via PM here in the forums.

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