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The Crafters are expanding its membership, and we are recruiting players who wishes to develop a role in item creation. Applications should be sent to me via forum PM. The following is some things you should read before applying:

1. Be devoted to your role
Newbies and veterans alike can join, but you will have to show dedication to your role and make item creation an integral part of it. If you're just joining to be in an alliance, forget about it.

2. No godmodding
Our purpose is to make an item that adds a great flavor to the game instead of ruining it. When choosing the item types you wish to specialize on, remember that powerful items require extensive skill, and extensive skill requires extensive study time. Do not suddenly say that you can create a magical sword capable of piercing through any armor when you have only been learning to craft items for a few months.
Be a normal human. Everyone starts in this realm with very few abilities and are basically equals. Pave your way in this realm by studying its nature, and improve over time by interacting with other people, roleplaying and researching the realm. That means people who think they're powerful demons from some realm or already have all the skills they want because they already learnt all about it in their previous life/adventure before they came here is not the kind of people I'm looking for the Crafters.

3. You can be part of another alliance/guild
Our membership is not bound by trivial things like alliance badges. You can be a part of the Crafters while being a member of another alliance/guild. Do keep in mind though that we demand our members to put the Guild on top of their priority. That means, for example, if you're supporting alliance A and it is at war with alliance B, yet the Guild has agreed to create a weapon for alliance B and has called you for your service, you should heed the call and do the task as part of the neutral Crafters guild.

Send you application to me via forum PM. Don't forget to provide the reason you wish to join, a description of your role and the field of items you want to specialize in. Happy crafting =)

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